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After 10 years of running this site as a hobby, membership has grown to a point where I'm forced to offset some of the cost. By upgrading to the Pro Membership, you not only get access to special features that will help your game even more, you also allow me to keep the site running, growing, and improving! It's a win-win!

Partner Only Features:

Status Feature
Access to private forum where you can suggest and vote on new features. Highest voted features get added first!
Export round data to Excel.
View stat graphs and round data of other members. Allow guests or non-members to view your data.
in work Adding the 10 round average for each hole to the graph on the round detail page, so it can be compared to the current round.
planned Last putt distance tracking.
planned Shot By Shot tracking on the mobile app. Charts on site for club specific details such as accuracy, avg distance, etc...
planned Break 1st putt distance stat down based on UP/Down.
planned Add a computation of the strokes gained putting against the PGA tour average.
planned Holed putt length. Total length of all putts holed. The higher the better.
planned New chart so you can zero in on a particular hole (GIR, DIF, etc..) over time.
planned New chart for average score. How does a missed drive or GIR affect your score.
planned Filter out tourney and non-tourney rounds on graphs.

- This list is not set in stone. If you would like to move something to the top or add something not on the list then make sure you take advantage of the Partner Forum.

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