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Manufacturer: DynaFlite

Name: 2505

Number of Members Using: 1

Average Handicap: 24

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dynafite 2505 iron heads 

John Ellis - Handicap: 12 - Cost: 27 for - Date: 2011-01-31


I love the looks of these heads and the playability is pretty decent also. One major problem in my opinion is that you have to really really hit down on the ball unless from the tee box on a tee. Sweeping the ball from the fairway is very tough, you must hit down even when you don't want to. Put the sole of the club flat on a flat surface and you will see that the actual leading edge of the sole is like 3/16 of an inch above. You will hit a lot of unexpected line drives, even with the higher lofted irons. But since I am a tinkerer, I have slowly ground the soles on a new angle to bring the leading edges of the clubs down where they should be. "Now", I really do like these irons. I can sweep the ball when I want, or hit down when I want. If you want a dollar cheap set of irons to tinker with, then get them. If not, I would stay away from them. Its sad because the irons look great and hit pretty good with some playability in them.

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