cobra S9-1 Pro, Diamana White Board 73x

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Manufacturer: cobra

Name: S9-1 Pro, Diamana White Board 73x

Number of Members Using: 2

Average Handicap: 6.7

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S9-1 Pro (3 wood 15deg) 

jmiller065 - Handicap: 4 - Cost: - Date: 2010-08-03


The head is smaller which is not a problem for me in a fairway wood. It's not a game improvement club and is geared for the lower handicap. I rated the forgiveness a 7 for this reason. Accuracy is spot on assuming that you hit the club well, you can work this club very easily. Majority of the 3 woods on the market now are double or triple this head in size. The all black head gets a 10 it simply looks great, you don't see the yellow at address so i only rate the face and crown part of the club in appearance. I get great distance of this club because the head is so small it is hard to hit anything besides the sweet spot. I have a custom shaft in mine so I did not provide a price that i paid but you can probably find one on eBay for around $150 to $250.

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