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The Battle at Willow Park   

posted: 1 decade 3 years 10 months ago 

Tension grows every minute with the anticipation of battle only six days away. The Samuri sharpen their swords and plan their strategies.  These warriors have seen battle before. They have mended their egos and licked their wounds. The time is near for season end, only the stories will remain. The sacred battle ground has been chosen for its unyielding terrain and serene landscape. A good place to die.
  A motley group will descend, bringing only their weapons and skills.  Doug the strategist, whose short sword is as deadly as his long bow.  James the seasoned warrior with too many battles to remember… only knows battle.  Sixto, the skilled but impetuous youth.  Rick - affable with an unorthodox ability.  Dave, determined to win at any cost.  Travis returns only to satisfy deep rooted anger from previous battle.  Kyle, the optimist whose lack of skill is surpassed only by his dream of victory.  Phil, wounded many times before, finds comfort in his journal of scars.  Fredo, subtle yet deadly.  Miguel, confidently prepares for his first sacred battle. 
  With the outcome yet unknown, their is no denying that an epic battle glooms in the near distance.


  • Created By: DougK
  • Location: Virtual
  • Type: Public