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Member Since: 2007-05-29
Handicap Index: 14.1 (5.7N)
Last Login: Apr 27th, 2011
18 Hole Rounds: 662
9 Hole Rounds: 47
State: Florida



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Avg 18: -- DIF: --
Avg 9: -- Drive Dist: --
Par 3 Avg: -- GIR: --
Par 4 Avg: -- Scramble: --
Par 5 Avg: -- Putts/18: --
Scoring Avg: -- Pen/18: --

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  (Lower the percentile the better.)
    Category     Percentile 99th->1st Percentile
HCP Ind: 14.1
HCP Ind 9: 5.7
Avg 18: --
Avg 9: --
Par 3 Avg: --
Par 4 Avg: --
Par 5 Avg: --
Scoring Avg: --
DIF: --
Drive Dist: --
GIR: --
Scramble: -- 110
Putts/18: --
Pen/18: --

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 Gatorbern's Bag

Fairway Wood: Warrior Golf , 3W    (Post a Review Review)
Fairway Wood: Warrior Golf , 5W    (Post a Review Review)
Fairway Wood: Warrior Golf , 7W    (Post a Review Review)
Fairway Wood: Warrior Golf , 9W    (Post a Review Review)
Putter: White Rossie    (Post a Review Review)
Wedge: Vokey, 52�    (Post a Review Review)
Wedge: Yonex PM, 60�    (Post a Review Review)
Driver: R11    (Post a Review Review)
Hybrid: Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz, 30�    (Post a Review Review)
Wedge: Jaws, 56�    (Post a Review Review)
Irons: FP,     (Post a Review Review)

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Date Course Rating Comments
Jul 30th, 2010 Green Valley Golf Cl... 10/10 Best Golf Course on the planet. Hilly with fast greens. Every single hole is a unite ...
Jul 9th, 2009 Grand Lacuna... 5/10 Kinda of rugged, slopey greens, pretty cool challenge...
Jun 29th, 2009 Forest Oaks Golf Clu... 5/10 Very narrow course and while only 5823 from the blue tees it plays longer....
Feb 6th, 2009 Flamingo Lakes... 6/10 Pretty enjoyable public course, short but one must pay attention or penalty shots ...
Aug 27th, 2008 Hillcrest... 6/10 Greens 10.3- 18 hole has an island green-short hole-pretty good layout...

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profile page
Thanks JW.  I didn't even know I had the most rounds on this site.  I just found your message today.  I only log in my complete rounds I actually even play, sometimes an extra 9 or 12 holes that never even make it to this site. My favorite golf saying is "The man who can putt can play anybody".  Gatorbern
- Mar 4th, 2009
profile page
I had to congratulate you, 289 rounds is the most rounds input into this site by almost a hundred rounds! I guess you weren't kidding about the golf addict thing.
- Feb 18th, 2009