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Handicap Index: 7.3 
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18 Hole Rounds: 18
9 Hole Rounds: 7
State: Tennessee



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HCP Ind: 7.3
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Driver: KZG sp 700, Graffolloy Regular 65    (Post a Review Review)
Fairway Wood: Sasquatch 2, 3W    (Post a Review Review)
Irons: Ignite, 4-PW    (Post a Review Review)
Hybrid: Ignite 3 hybrid,     (Post a Review Review)
Wedge: gap wedge, 52    (Post a Review Review)
Wedge: G5 Sand Wedge,     (Post a Review Review)
Wedge: RAC, 60    (Post a Review Review)
Wedge: American Open Third Wedge, 64    (Post a Review Review)
Putter: i-Arch    (Post a Review Review)
Ball: E6+    (Post a Review Review)
Ball: Pro V1    (Post a Review Review)
Ball: B330 RX    (Post a Review Review)
GPS/Rangefinder: Neo    (Post a Review Review)

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Oct 11th, 2017 new! - Disc Golf Tracking Site
Mar 10th, 2017 new! - New Android App 2.0
Oct 6th, 2016 new! - Mobile App Release
Apr 12th, 2016 new! - Facebook Page
Feb 11th, 2016 new! - GPS Course Hole Data - Golf Tracking Phone App

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Got Memphis National Golf Course Deal!.. Yes... Need to structure a practice plan for Jan/Feb... involving 1 day Mid to long irons+ woods; Chipping & Pitching; Putting; Sand play. Go back to Tempo work... and try and clear mind of swing thoughts.. I think I am over-thinking which is stopping me swing freely and confidently.
- Dec 3rd, 2009
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Still constantly work on alignment.. but I also need to really work on 50YDs in.  Plan: 1) adopt Pelz 3x4 system 2) work on Tour Tempo with Ipod 3) work 80bpm putting and doing 40/60
- Nov 2nd, 2009
profile page
To work on 10-1-09: After reading a few articles etc... and reviewing my own game..  to excel further I need to concentrate some specific practices on my Long Irons 5I thru 3I, plus my 3W.  This will allow me to move up Tee boxes and play my Irons like I am hitting a 6 or 7 Iron.  In addition, it will allow me to not worry about distance off the tee but concentrate on accuracy because I know my second shot can be a good 5I thru 3I. Every practice regardless of club selection needs to also concentrate on good body, feet, hands and club face alignment to target and make good notes on distances for each club.
- Oct 2nd, 2009