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Member Since: 2011-07-07
Handicap Index: 17.8 (12.4N)
Last Login: May 14th
18 Hole Rounds: 77
9 Hole Rounds: 51
State: Alberta

Golf Equipment Reviews


Adams Idea Tech V4 Hybrids - Adams Idea Tech V4 4-Hybrid

"Adams have outdone themselves with their Tech V4 line. The new cut-through slot works like a charm, delivering an instant 10% increase in distance over my a12OS 4-Hybrid. The matte black finish is nice, although I'm not sure (yet) how long it will avoid scuff/turf marks." (more)


Adams a70s Hybrids - Love my Adams a7OS hybrids

"I'm a high handicap senior who only started playing golf 4 years ago. I used a mish-mash of used clubs for first 6 months, took some lessons and bought a set of conventional irons. Problem was I couldn't reliably hit anything longer than a 6-iron. I tried the a70s at a golf show and couldn't believe the difference; took my clubs to my favourite golf store and tried a side-by-side comparison on their simulator -- night and day difference. Bought the Adams a7OS Seniors set on the spot. Since switching have added their #2 & 3 hybrids to my set in favour of the set's 5-wood. Thanks largely to Adams I've taken 20 strokes off my game in past year -- although I still have the ability to really suck just when I think I'm doing great..." (more)


Adams a70s Hybrids - Adams A12OS

"I switched to the new A12OS w/lite flex (seniors) shafts (from same spec Adams A7OS) a month ago. Got them just a few days before we headed to San Diego from northern Canada. WOW!!! What an improvement. It had been nearly 4 months since I had touched my clubs and the difference was immediately noticeable. I'm 65, have only played for 4 years, and have a slowish swing speed -- the A12OS are 10-15 yds longer than the A7OS (when I get it right), the ball really pops off the face, and the A12OS seem to be more forgiving on mis-hits. Can't wait for the snow to go... " (more)