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Handicap Index: 9.1 (4.1N)
Last Login: Mar 12th, 2012
18 Hole Rounds: 9
9 Hole Rounds: 14
State: Ontario

Golf Equipment Reviews


Callaway X-20 Irons - Callaway Irons

"Having used the irons for a full season now, I have to say I am very happy with them. They are solid, can draw when I want but I have to be careful of overdoing it. Mishits barely have an effect; 5 to 10 yards at most. Have the steel shafts - just like them better. " (more)


Callaway X Fairway Woods - Callaway X 3 Wood

"Can't really rate the club fairly. I picked it up in the off season as I had nothing between my driver and Hybrids. Course I usually play on didn't really need a 3 wood. However, I do play in Detroit area and I would suffer on some of those courses without it. That being said, I bought it but didn't give it much practice on the range. The times that I used it on the course, I was not making good contact (and lost confidence in it) and so went back to the hybrids. Plan on hitting the range with it in the spring to give it a fair trial. I'll let you know what happens!" (more)