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Tatum Ridge Golf Links (Florida)

8/10 - One of my favourite courses in Sarasota. The iconic Par 5, 13th hole is crescent shaped, and has water all around the right side. The drive over the water is a fun challenge to take on. A 12 foot al...

hobso22 (2017-03-21)

Indian Canyons - South Cou (California)

9/10 - I played this course about 15 times during Jan/Feb of '17. It was one of my favorites in Palm Springs. You can buy a discount card for $279 that gives you a couple free rounds and lowers your cost ...

bogeyman!! (2017-02-25)

Rock Harbor GC - The Bould (Virginia)

8/10 - Very interesting and fun course, especially played from the proper tees. Several holes offer options for more aggressive play, without being "mortally" penal. Greens have a lot of undulati...

vdotpro (2017-02-20)

Desert Dunes Golf Course (California)

6/10 - This is one of the lower priced courses in Palm Springs. I had a hard time getting a t-time over the phone. Finally snagged a golfNow time, even though the pro-shop said they were booked solid. On ...

bogeyman!! (2017-02-05)

Kissimmee oaks (Florida)

7/10 - I understand that this course was in TERRIBLE shape a little over a year ago. In fact, we drove past it then, and it looked very dry and brown. But evidently new owners took over and put lots of TL...

fatshot (2017-01-25)

International Club (South Carolina)

8/10 - This is a good course to play, but it would be wise to pick a set of tees that fit your skill level. The course was in very good shape, though it seemed wet, without any rain for some time. The gree...

vdotpro (2017-01-14)

Azalea Sands (South Carolina)

7/10 - This is a fun course to play that is not in as good shape as a lot of courses in the Myrtle Beach area. The layout has both long and short holes, with plenty of fairway for your drives. The greens we...

vdotpro (2017-01-13)

Cathedral Canyon Golf Club (California)

7/10 - greens were very good, fairways in good shape, the golf course generally in nice trim, very few areas of ground under repair. The golf course itself is surrounded by garden appt/condo's, which make...

bogeyman!! (2017-01-08)

Streamsong Blue (Florida)

10/10 - Fantastic course with sand and water everywhere. Fairways are great and the greens are fastest I ever played. Each hole is somethingdifferent with wonderful views of the mining landscape including san...

Fasteddy55 (2016-12-01)

Middletown Country Club (Pennsylvania)

4/10 - The groundskeeper must be a sadist. The greens are super fast. It's almost impossible to chip on and hold the greens. Sometimes when you set your ball down on the green to putt, it rolls off on it's ...

Sirbuz (2016-09-28)

Myrtle Beach National - Ki (South Carolina)

10/10 - exceptional test of your overall game. playing again on labor day weekend, because it is the most challenging course i have ever played. ...

demo user (2016-09-03)

Pleasant Valley Golf Club (Virginia)

2/10 - The course has been over-watered and is soggy. Although it had rained some, with the course over-watered, the fairways were extremely soft with some standing water. Had played this course previously...

Shock1 (2016-09-01)

Kimball Farm Golf Club (Massachusetts)

10/10 - Nice little 1100 yard 3 Par Pitch & Putt course. Well maintained. Very good for keeping the short game tuned up or just getting out and playing a few quick holes for not a lot of time or money....

NashobaDuffer (2016-08-28)

Bellingham Golf and Countr (Washington)

10/10 - This is a private Golf and Country Club - but it does have several tournaments a year that folks can play with members and there are a number of outside Charity events that allow access. It is also a...

cj086 (2016-07-20)

Oaks Country Club (Oklahoma)

10/10 - Course is in excellent condition. Greens are firm and fast. Some fairways slope considerably so you must keep your shots in the proper positions to have a shot to the greens. Sand traps are excellent ...

fredr (2016-07-20)

Larchmont Golf Course (Montana)

10/10 - A very nice course. Fairly wide fairways. Smooth greens. The course was full of people late in the day. Staff was friendly and helpful and accommodating to a single just passing through. I enjoyed ...

rickertw (2016-07-14)

Andrews Air Force Base Sou (Maryland)

10/10 - Course in very good condition. Greens were a bit slow but rolled true. ...

pdbowie (2016-07-12)

Bristow Manor Golf Club (Virginia)

9/10 - Course is mostly in great shape with a few bare spots/seeding spots in fairways. Greens are extremely in good shape. Course is tough and have to carry over trouble in several holes. Beautiful golf c...

Shock1 (2016-06-09)

Glen Oak Golf Course (New York)

10/10 - A beautiful course, well maintained. True greens, tough pin placements. Fairway cut nicely, greens run smooth....

hawkfan65 (2016-06-02)

Rocky Point (Florida)

7/10 - All construction and renovations have been completed. Greens are in great shape. No major changes in layout. ...

maildude (2016-05-21)

Kiva Dunes (Alabama)

8/10 - Nice over all course. Greens were hard and fast, fairways green. For the price and condition it was a bit high. But it is in Gulf Shores. ...

jrappold (2016-03-29)

TPC Scottsdale - Champions (Arizona)

10/10 - A very demanding course but fair. Keep your ball in play and stay out of the bunkers. I loved this course. I think it is just as good as the TPC Stadium course. If I lived in Phoenix I would make this...

fredr (2016-03-11)

TPC Scottsdale - Stadium C (Arizona)

10/10 - Played with a local which helped. However our group played behind a fivesome that the local said was never allowed to happen. It did occur this day however and slowed things down. I was disappointed i...

fredr (2016-03-10)

Indian Bayou Golf & Countr (Florida)

9/10 - This course has 3 - 9 hole golf courses. I set this up as Seminole for the 1st nine and Choctaw as 2nd nine. ...

Barry (2015-12-20)

Fernandina Beach (Florida)

10/10 - Greens in perfect shape but they roll about six Need to be cut fairways have not been cut in a week over seed with rye pitiful...

15dan (2015-12-17)

Great Southern Golf Club (Mississippi)

8/10 - First Time on course, no crowd. Greens where good. Weather was fantastic!...

maildude (2015-11-11)

Great Southern Golf Club (Mississippi)

8/10 - Course has recently added a (Yellow) senior tee box. ...

maildude (2015-11-11)

Bay Palms Golf Courses - N (Florida)

8/10 - Course was not crowed at all, only a two some in front. Greens are a bit worn and bumpy, but very playable. Sand traps need some attention as well. Over all though I enjoy the North course, ya the So...

maildude (2015-10-15)

Huntsville Country Club (Alabama)

8/10 - Course was in decent shape, some of the green had died, but they are working on them. The fairways were in great shape. Nice little course....

jw (2015-07-06)

Moffett Park (California)

7/10 - Lots of work has been done since the last review. A hill has been added to the left side of the 6th hole, and more dirt was added to the hazards between 12 and 13, and 12 and 16. The bunker on 16 ...

golfer (2015-06-08)

Plum Brook GC (Michigan)

8/10 - these are the best greens i have played all year. course a little wet, greens smooth and pretty fast but consistent ...

hopsing (2015-06-07)

Shady valley c c (Texas)

0/10 - I called to see conditions of course was told playable the farthest thing from the truth .fairways had not been mowed becaus of standing water should not being charging to play course .totaly sucked...

eddie36 (2015-06-02)

Foxchase Golf Club (Pennsylvania)

9/10 - Very nice public course. Surprised there aren't any reviews already. Located in Lancaster County, PA, it's one of the more picturesque courses anywhere. Greens fees are reasonable, course is very well...

GMcQ (2015-05-27)

Fyre Lake Golf Club (Illinois)

8/10 - Rolling hills and great fairway's but tough putting green's a lot of break's in them....

Robie (2015-05-20)

Simoro Golf Links (Ontario)

7/10 - Owners are excellent and friendly people. Course has tree lined fairways as well as wide open fairways, lots of water, small and large greens and a good mix of doglegs and sloping fairways. Course is ...

Barry (2015-05-15)

Cordova Bay Golf (British Columbia)

8/10 - Wonderful course to walk. Course in excellent shape. Green fast, stimp 9.5? Just a beautiful place....

Demo User (2015-05-11)

Indian Bluff (Illinois)

8/10 - Flat and then turn's hilly most fairways tree line green's putt true....

Robie (2015-04-25)

Glynns Creek Golf Course - (Iowa)

9/10 - Great course to play well maintained and good putting greens...

Robie (2015-04-21)

Timberlake Golf Club (North Carolina)

8/10 - Lovely layout and in great shape, greens recently aerated and wet conditions had them rolling about 7. Only detractor is a livestock farm nearby on the front 9 which added a "scent" and hors...

KCW2 (2015-04-19)

Cypress Links (Florida)

6/10 - This is a really great track to work on your short game. It is well maintained and is only crowded when the Canadians show up and double the prices and wait times. ...

maildude (2015-04-15)

Bison Golf and Country Clu (Arizona)

6/10 - Just an OK course. Short, many tight holes on back 9 with trees and houses. Some interesting holes, others not great including several blind shots. Fairways thin on grass and hard in some places. Gree...

esmithaz (2015-04-14)

San Miguel Golf Club (Arizona)

7/10 - Good layout, many doglegs and mounds, par 3's are not real easy. Conditions overall good, greens in very good shape. No sand traps, water on only 2 holes - biggest trouble is off-line shots may end up...

esmithaz (2015-04-04)

Canada (Arizona)

8/10 - Very good shape with many real sand bunkers and some water. Course is plush and cant wait to go back....

larry38 (2015-04-01)

Rocky Point (Florida)

8/10 - Course will under go a complete renovation of the back nine beginning in April. All greens a fairways will be torn up and rebuilt. ...

maildude (2015-03-30)

Van Buren Golf Center (California)

4/10 - Inexpensive, friendly, has good training areas and range. Course is a little shaggy. Several blind holes on par 4s....

duffer actuary (2015-01-02)

Grande Dunes (South Carolina)

9/10 - Greens fast, pin placement frequently on slight slope, missed downhill putt goes forever. Try to stay below hole on arrival. Liked the course a lot....

scooter2028 (2014-11-15)

reef club (grand bahama island)

8/10 - bunkers are washed out compacted. some areas crusted ...

docb (2014-11-15)

DOVE CANYON CC (California)

8/10 - ...

RONSTATS (2014-11-05)

Reunion Golf Club (Georgia)

8/10 - This club gets a lot of usage but it's overall a great one, it's well kept and the holes are challenging. For players that shoot 80 and under this course might not be a challenge. The homes in the a...

hmeyers (2014-10-21)

Skippack Golf Course (Pennsylvania)

6/10 - Course is fair. Some on the greens were in bad shape. The back 9 is challenging...

SofaKing13 (2014-09-01)

Makefield Highlands (Pennsylvania)

10/10 - Great course. It's pricey, but worth it....

SofaKing13 (2014-09-01)

Red Mountain Ranch  (Arizona)

8/10 - Challenging layout in very good condition. True desert golf - scenic, washes, native plants, elevation changes, lots of mounds and uneven lies. Greens in great shape - some undulations, not too fast, ...

esmithaz (2014-08-24)

River Landing at Sandy Rid (North Carolina)

10/10 - ...

bmathewson (2014-08-22)

golf saint-césaire (québec)

5/10 - ...

bubba fan (2014-08-13)

Taos Country Club (New Mexico)

8/10 - Beautiful setting in high desert mesa lands with Rocky Mountain backdrops. Conditions in July were excellent - lush fairways, receptive greens, smooth and fast putting. Fine and interesting layout, ch...

esmithaz (2014-07-16)

Black Mesa Golf Club (New Mexico)

4/10 - Summer 2014 - course is a mixed bag. Setting is unique and scenic - high desert with canyons, cliffs, mesas, and washes, kind of amazing they built a golf course on this land. Layout is rough and rugg...

esmithaz (2014-07-16)

creekside golf course (California)

7/10 - Great Muni Course! Wide open without too much trouble. Greens are in great shape!...

beyondgolf (2014-07-09)

Poston Butte (Arizona)

8/10 - Nice high-end Troon course layout with some great holes. Tees and fairways in great shape, greens bumpy from recent aeration but still hold shots well and putted with reasonable speed. Fairway sand in...

esmithaz (2014-06-29)

The Views (Arizona)

8/10 - Short course but challenging. Greens in good condition but fairly fast and hard to read due to sloops and undulations. Course backs up to the mountains. Beautiful scenery. Fun course to play. I would ...

ChuckP33 (2014-06-17)

SCPD Mtn Vista San Gorgoni (California)

10/10 - A must for your "Bucket List"...

bigtone (2014-06-14)

Tennessee Centennial Golf  (Tennessee)

8/10 - The course is in excellent condition except several tee boxes didn't have sufficient grass. Greens were in good condition and fast....

Dr.BobbyDean (2014-06-12)

Knoxville Municipal Golf C (Tennessee)

6/10 - Tee boxes, fairways and greens are beginning to have a good turf.Management of the course is very good....

Dr.BobbyDean (2014-05-28)

Colonial Charters (South Carolina)

0/10 - Rock hard fairways and greens, overall condition very bad...

goodearth (2014-05-21)

Valley View (Utah)

5/10 - Greens a little slow and bumpy compared to in past... (2014-05-17)

High Meadow Ranch (Texas)

8/10 - ...

hassie (2014-05-07)

Bay Palms Mcdill AFB (Sout (Florida)

8/10 - Had the course to myself. Winds where calm and the course was in excellent condition. The view of Tampa Bay is really nice. ...

maildude (2014-04-25)

Limerick Golf Club (Pennsylvania)

9/10 - Friendly staff....

GlennBob (2014-04-19)

Greenfield Lakes (Arizona)

8/10 - Short, fun, course to play but still quite challenging. Open fairways, some water holes, and fast greens that are often hard to read and very undulating. I would play here again....

ChuckP33 (2014-04-16)

Hidden Creek (Ohio)

9/10 - great rate, good condition for early season...

schaubo (2014-04-15)

Crystal Lake Golf Club  (Florida)

8/10 - Good shape, fair course, friendly help, excellent burger in the clubhouse....

tundratim (2014-04-14)

Bay Palms Golf Course - So (Florida)

7/10 - This is a really well planed course. It is long enough to satisfy the younger golfer, but short enough not to destroy the older players. It is challenging on some holes, but not out of range of an ave...

maildude (2014-04-10)

Hop Brook Golf Course (Connecticut)

8/10 - Short,quirky,tight layout usually in good shape.Fun course....

Pip (2014-03-21)

Apache Creek Golf Club (Arizona)

6/10 - Very fast greens,extreme slopes, (putt putt greens). Overall course in good condition but very challenging although moderately short at 5967 yards (white tees). Played 36 holes over 2 days.Friendly st...

ChuckP33 (2014-03-19)

Castle Oaks  (California)

8/10 - Very nice lush. Good mix of hard and parable holes. Some water at start and finish. ...

golfred (2014-03-18)

Meadowlands Golf Club (North Carolina)

4/10 - Staff was nice but got paired with a jerk that kept losing balls and saying we stole them!!! The greens here suck big time! Bumpy, uneven, holes all over them from players leaning on flag sticks and h...

goodearth (2014-03-17)

Meadowlands Golf Club (North Carolina)

4/10 - Staff was nice but got paired with a jerk that kept losing balls and saying we stole them!!! The greens here suck big time! Bumpy, uneven, holes all over them from players leaning on flag sticks and h...

goodearth (2014-03-17)

Davie Golf & Country Club (Florida)

8/10 - amazing course. lots of water and very long. ...

classyphilmickel (2014-03-10)

Coyote Lakes Golf Club  (Arizona)

8/10 - Course was in excellent shape. The people working the course were great. Definitely would go back again....

tarbabyguy08 (2014-02-19)

New Plymouth ()

8/10 - Course condition average but the layout, views and challenge was excellent...

BigEasy (2014-01-08)

Twin Brooks (Florida)

5/10 - Course has been rearranged, and may need remapping. Track, in my opinion plays better, less chance of getting hit from other tee boxes while on greens. ...

maildude (2014-01-05)

The Golf Club (Alabama)

4/10 - The course has a lot of work needed but a fun set up. Greens are bumpy and inconsistent....

DOUGB (2014-01-04)

Valley Landing (Alabama)

8/10 - the greens here are well maintained and even though it was wet and cold the course played very well....

DOUGB (2014-01-01)

Woodland Hills Golf Club (Texas)

7/10 - Hard to rate-- 9 for view(rolling hills)--7 for hardness( no sand traps)-- 10 for value( reasonable price and new gas carts)...

txturkey (2013-12-19)

RTJ - Silver Lakes Backbre (Alabama)

10/10 - The course is always in excellent condition. Rarely see more than a few golfers. Best place to play in northeast Alabama--with Trail card only costs 42.00 but is worth twice that at least. Very challe...

raweiss50 (2013-12-01)

Dead Horse Lake (Tennessee)

7/10 - Generally in good playing condition except for several greens which were bare in several small areas. Course gets plenty of use due to urban location. ...

Dr.BobbyDean (2013-10-31)

THE MADISON CLUB (Pennsylvania)

9/10 - Great course, still great shape even in late October. Very beautiful course. Greens were a little slow, but it was a little wet out....

DPowell0706 (2013-10-22)

Ravens Claw (Pennsylvania)

8/10 - Nice place. Good variety of holes layouts. Got a discounts online rate. Normally $75 I think....

SofaKing13 (2013-10-06)

Apache Wells Country Club (Arizona)

7/10 - Layout is average, not particularly interesting holes, relatively flat, mature trees, and mountain views in the background. The par 3's represent the toughest holes. Conditions were very good in late ...

esmithaz (2013-09-22)

Walker Course at Clemson U (South Carolina)

8/10 - Difficult test of golf. Very hilly on back nine. Stunningly beautiful views along lake to left on 16-18. Large greens. Most greens well bunkered left and right. Large well kept range. #9 is a very dif...

Mcub (2013-09-14)

Macoby Run Golf Course (Pennsylvania)

7/10 - Greens it good condition. A few of the fairways were beat up, but overall in good condition. For the price I think it's a great course....

SofaKing13 (2013-09-08)

Eagle Creek Golf Course (Oregon)

7/10 - Country, fun and affordable. Warning the par 5 on the front has a water hazard that starts 170 from the tee and is 90 yards through. So if you cannot fly the ball 260 in the air, you must lay up. ...

hioutput (2013-09-01)

Antler Creek (Colorado)

8/10 - got round off Golfnow 18.00. Very big course played from middle tees (blue) 7007 yards. Back tees are 8058. This is not a typo so reel in that ego and play up. The course is in great shape with the e...

hopsing (2013-08-14)


8/10 - Great course; forget the poor cubhouse amenities; just go play a vg links type layout; bring your 8 iron to run ball on from 70-80 yards....

timrooney (2013-08-08)

Red Hawk Golf Club (New Mexico)

10/10 - By far the best golf course in the area. ...

Fitbuddy (2013-08-08)

Hesston golf park (Kansas)

9/10 - It is a course that used to be a easy course but they have a new course superintendent and they are making it a little tougher.  They have added some new bunkers and added some new water hazards....

Sandbagger (2013-08-04)

Tanglewood  (Pennsylvania)

5/10 - Fairways were in great shape. Tee boxes and greens left something to be desired. Ball washers need to be cleaned out (sour smell)...

kabright1sg (2013-08-04)

doonbeg golf club ()

10/10 - Very good course for any player. Course was in excellent condition. Some tough but fun holes. Beautiful scenery and staff very friendly....

fredr (2013-07-23)

Balcomie Links Crail ()

8/10 - Player friendly course at reasonable price. Course was in good condition....

fredr (2013-07-23)

Sumo Golf Course (Colorado)

0/10 - See player notes...

ChuckP33 (2013-07-21)

Lahinch Golf Club - Old Co (County Clare)

9/10 - This is a tough but fun golf course not to be missed if you are in west central Ireland. Very pretty with a couple of blind shots but fun to play. Course was in great condition and staff was very frie...

fredr (2013-07-16)

countryway (Florida)

7/10 - Very nice track, well designed out and groomed. Fairways are narrow but playable. Greens where very nice. Lots of water on front 9. ...

maildude (2013-07-16)

Sun Willow (Washington)

10/10 - Twilight rate. Course was in excellent shape and is laid out well to create some challenges. Outstanding service from the staff....

Surfman98 (2013-06-29)

Rock River Hills Golf Club (Wisconsin)

0/10 - 7-some in front of us. Kids driving carts and climbing on back and riding. Slow play in front of us, would not let us play through. Had to drive around them and skip 2 holes....

mselchert (2013-06-16)

Vistal Golf Club (Arizona)

8/10 - Good condition, greens very fast. I would play here again. Challenging course but not brutal. ...

ChuckP33 (2013-06-15)

Bay Ridge (Wisconsin)

9/10 - Fun course. Well maintained. Friendly staff. ...

waterlover (2013-06-13)

Maxwelton Braes (Wisconsin)

8/10 - Laid back course. Good condition. Currently for sale....

waterlover (2013-06-13)

Turtle Creek Golf Course (Pennsylvania)

9/10 - Good day! Beat the rain and had fun. The course was in great shape....

GlennBob (2013-06-03)

Pine Crest Country Club (Pennsylvania)

9/10 - Greens and fairways were in very good condition...

GlennBob (2013-05-27)

Highland Meadows (Colorado)

9/10 - The course is really nice. Wide fairways in good condition. Greens were excellent and undulating making approach shots more challenging....

AuchterlonieTony (2013-05-21)

Woodstone Meadows Golf Cou (Virginia)

8/10 - Great course, pretty open. Stay off the mountain course if accuracy is an issue....

Lee Farrar (2013-05-20)

SaddleBrooke Ranch Golf Cl (Arizona)

8/10 - Back nine on this course is quite challenging for me. Holes 10 and 11 usually present the biggest problems. The course is very forgiven overall however, some holes can be extremely difficult. ...

Rudyd (2013-05-19)

Ken Mcdonald golf course (Arizona)

7/10 - Course in good condition. Greens in good condition but somewhat fast with slopes; hard to read sometimes. Well worth the cost which included golf cart....

ChuckP33 (2013-05-15)

Pine Acres Executive Golf  (Maine)

10/10 - really nice executive course. Easy to reach greens. greens are the challenge, none are flat require good short game...

murb123 (2013-05-15)

Terrace View (Minnesota)

3/10 - Tee boxes are badly divot riddled and grass is brown. Fairways are decent at best. Greens are OK, grass is a touch too long, and has many ball marks/divots. Rough is great, very green and lush. Sand i...

MickeyJaaay (2013-05-13)

Buena Vista Golf Course (California)

9/10 - I paid a little less than usual green fees and the course was great. But what I noticed which was refreshing were the kind people that worked there. From my score you may think I have not been out ma...

chiletz (2013-05-03)

Heartland Crossing Golf Li (Indiana)

6/10 - Score could be higher but they seem to have a battery problem with carts. 4 of the my last 10 rounds there, a cart in my group has had problems making it through the round....

KP29 (2013-04-26)

Stumpy Lake Golf Course (Virginia)

8/10 - Played 4/18/2013. Sunny in the mid 70's. Course is in great shape, greens were not to fast, fairways ran nicely....

whbuker (2013-04-18)

Covered Bridge GC (Indiana)

10/10 - Great shape, good food and drink afterwards with a view of the course....

daburke (2013-04-16)

Woodland Hills (Nebraska)

10/10 - fun golf course,scenic,you will not find any better for the price,plus they use golfnow for specials and tee times...

wolfy524 (2013-04-15)

Evergreen Golf Course (Colorado)

7/10 - It's a short course. Long hitters can really go low here. Greens are good in the summer. It's a fun place to play with nice scenery....

AuchterlonieTony (2013-04-13)

Fossil Trace Golf Club (Colorado)

8/10 - The course was a bit rough because it's early in the year. It's a beautiful layout with elevation changes, wonderful scenery and undulating shapely greens....

Rawtony (2013-04-04)

Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Cou (Florida)

7/10 - I liked playing here, the course was both forgiving and challenging for my limited skills. I played here several times over the course of a couple weeks while in the area. Each cart is equipped with i...

Soup (2013-04-03)

Lansbrook Golf Club (Florida)

8/10 - Enjoyed playing here very much, nice lay out and good pace. Some tough holes, greens were in very good shape. ...

Soup (2013-04-03)

Preserve Golf Club (Florida)

6/10 - Enjoyed this course and would play there again but it did need a little work when I played there. I played there three times over the course of a week in March of 2013. One day the pace of play was in...

Soup (2013-04-03)

Cathedral Canyon Golf Club (California)

2/10 - poor condition; rock hard greens made approach shots virtually impossible to stop; would not play again or recommend ...

65CooperS (2013-03-29)

The Arizona Golf Resort (Arizona)

6/10 - ...

ChuckP33 (2013-03-15)

Orange Lake, Reserve (Florida)

7/10 - Great course for target golf....

fred (2013-02-05)

Ironwood Golf  (Arizona)

8/10 - Friendly course, good condition and fun to play. Fairways and greens well maintained. I would go back to play this one again....

ChuckP33 (2013-01-29)

PAF Academy ()

7/10 - Play here daily. A good and reasonable golf course with few good and some fairly difficult holes. try it sometime. ...

Archer933 (2013-01-25)

Bay Palms Mcdill AFB (Sout (Florida)

9/10 - This is a very tough course. 16 holes of water danger, long fairways. If you enjoy a great challange, welcome. This has to be one of the best courses in the state. Hit,um straight!!!! ...

maildude (2013-01-18)

Naval Air Station (Florida)

10/10 - ...

juancaleb (2013-01-16)

Rolling Hills (Arizona)

7/10 - GOLF FRIENDLY COURSE; SHORT COURSE 3828 YARDS. Greens in good condition. Hilly course and sloping greens.Fairly wide fairways. No par 5's; good players should break par easily if they can putt...

ChuckP33 (2012-12-18)

The River Golf Club  (South Carolina)

9/10 - Absolutely great course. Excellent winter conditions. Greens were still in great shape, firm and fast....

mkgivens (2012-12-03)

Quitman Country Club (Georgia)

7/10 - Good greens and good fairways. Tee boxes were pretty rough. No paved driveway, parking or cart paths....

willwatt3 (2012-12-03)

Fort Wayne Country Club (Indiana)

9/10 - PGA Professional: Todd Firestone - Established in 1908 - Best conditioned course in Fort Wayne....

ccstheday (2012-11-17)

Cecil Field Golf Club (Florida)

5/10 - New management! This guy has got a clue! Greens...completely covered with grass and nice...still no break to them, but not important. The irrigation is all repaired! If you have not been in a while g...

Tellran (2012-11-08)

The Club At Emerald Hills (Florida)

8/10 - Great Course to play. Difficult with thick rough and fast greens. Will definitely play here again....

j_millers (2012-10-19)

Kimberton Golf Club (Pennsylvania)

8/10 - The course was in very good shape. Fast greens!...

GlennBob (2012-10-15)

Eagle Crest Golf Club (California)

8/10 - Nice greens and bunkers - fairways a bit shaggy and wet. Good experience....

bhomyak (2012-10-14)

The Reserve - South Course (Oregon)

10/10 - This course is in great shape right now. The greens are perfect.....smooth and fast....

DucksSuck (2012-10-10)

San Marcos Golf Resort (Arizona)

4/10 - In poor condition due to heat and lack of water. Greens very fast, burned. Green #6 had no grass in center of green just sand. However for $12 green fee (including cart for 9 holes) can't complain too...

ChuckP33 (2012-09-30)

Arrowhead Golf Club (Colorado)

9/10 - Played on 9/23/12. Very windy in the morning, but it calmed dramatically as the day went on. As you arrive, the assistants load your bag for you in a cart that has your name on it. The driving ra...

hath27 (2012-09-26)

Four Mile Ranch Golf Club (Colorado)

8/10 - A hidden jewel! A typical Jim Engh designed course with funneling fairways, massive rolling greens, and multiple blind shots. Unbeleiveable use of the natural elements, a truly beautiful course. Ma...

hath27 (2012-09-25)

Mount Mitchell (North Carolina)

10/10 - Best kept secret in North Carolina. Really in the mountains and yet only 2 hour drive from Charlotte. Unbelievable fairways because it's "cart paths only", all day, every day! Plan to play more tha...

bigdog (2012-09-22)

Unicorn Golf Course (Massachusetts)

8/10 - Greens are terrific. Fairways OK but not bad for a town owned course....

vandalinda (2012-09-22)

Woodley Lakes Golf Course (California)

7/10 - The greens keeper has really stepped it up. The course is in good shape for a muni...

ParDude (2012-09-20)


7/10 - course was in great shape greens were a little soft but putted well. somewhat tight fairways and sloping. barry storie very helpfull with get us off on a shotgun. overall very good golfing experenc...

asnipes (2012-09-18)

Bonnie Brae Golf Club (South Carolina)

8/10 - I enjoy playing this course. The fairways open,but the greens are challanging. a great course for beginners. ...

heavyhitter (2012-09-10)

Double Black Diamond (New York)

9/10 - ...

Posidon88 (2012-09-08)

Fairwinds Golf Course (Florida)

6/10 - pretty good shape for a municipal course, but greens are by far the best in the area! Big drawback, restaurant only takes cash :( ...

cjbrady72 (2012-08-19)

Whitetail Run  (Minnesota)

9/10 - Greens are immaculate - very few ball marks - no bare spots. May be slower than typical greens. Fairways not mowed short. Sprinkler systems in place so course is in great shape....

Flogger5959 (2012-08-15)

Bay Point Resort and Yacht (Florida)

9/10 - immaculate, fair, challenging and great location....

fmartin (2012-08-11)

Heron Lakes Great Blue (Oregon)

9/10 - Arguably the toughest course in the Greater Portland area and without a doubt the best deal!...

Gomer12 (2012-08-07)

Escondido Country Club (California)

0/10 - They do not honor their word! REFUSED TO HONOR GROUPON! I bought a GROUPON for this course last year and wanted to use it for this Sunday (Aug 5th) since it expires soon and I'm going on leave (vacati...

Broham (2012-08-04)

The Tradition Golf Club (North Carolina)

5/10 - Had a coupon, would not be worth it without it. The fairways are tree lined and pretty tight. Greens are not well maintained at all ...

dmeulman (2012-08-03)

World Golf Sand Creek (Colorado)

7/10 - Best conditions I have seen the course in all season. Everything green, they have worked on cleaning up the creekbed (concrete piles) and the greens are in excellent condition. World still has a lon...

hath27 (2012-08-02)

Peoria Ridge Golf Course (Oklahoma)

9/10 - Course is in great condition. Staff very friendly....

fredr (2012-07-15)

Patricia Island (Oklahoma)

9/10 - Course was in great condition. ...

fredr (2012-07-15)

Timber Greens Golf Course (Florida)

9/10 - excellent greens...

ddemps (2012-07-14)

Westover Golf Club (Pennsylvania)

9/10 - ...

GlennBob (2012-07-09)

The Presidential at Hickor (Pennsylvania)

9/10 - The course was in great shape. Plenty of water to drink on a hot day too....

GlennBob (2012-07-07)

Macoby Run Golf Course (Pennsylvania)

8/10 - Good time....

GlennBob (2012-07-04)

Beacon Hill Golf Club (Michigan)

9/10 - ...

allenba (2012-06-29)

Avalon Golf Links (Washington)

8/10 - played a free 18 hole round on my birthday just had to show drivers license that's cool ...

rotogrip (2012-06-29)

Santa Terresa (New Mexico)

7/10 - Haven't played yet this summer but it's now $20 Mon. thru Fri. with a cart. For that price, it's worth it. ...

Fitbuddy (2012-06-28)

Mainland (Florida)

5/10 - Course was in good shape although about half the greens had been sanded. Play after 11.00am encludes free drink and dog. Was not crowded, but had a foursome in front that spent a lot of time looking f...

maildude (2012-06-23)

Santa Barbara Golf Club (California)

5/10 - Greens in terrible shape...

LeftCoaster (2012-06-23)

Overlook Golf Links (Georgia)

7/10 - Overall good course. Built on some hills so there are some blind shots to a few of the greens. Played in late May and they were sanding the greens. One thing that was fun is that along side some of th...

whbuker (2012-06-23)

Cypress Links (Florida)

5/10 - Good little track, will maitained,not over crowded....

maildude (2012-06-07)

Vista Hills Country Club (Texas)

8/10 - Used to be a private course. Good condition and challenging. ...

Fitbuddy (2012-06-07)

Holiday Golf Course (Florida)

10/10 - ...

patp59 (2012-06-03)

Deercroft Golf Club (North Carolina)

7/10 - Played all day, 45 holes, course is in good shape, alot of work has been done there since i was there 2 yrs ago. Believe its under new ownership, and their efforts are showing, keep up the good work....

KCW2 (2012-06-03)

Manistee National - Cantho (Michigan)

9/10 - Fairways and greens are in great condition. You can bomb your driver on this 18 more than Cutters Ridge which is their newer course. Greens are a little slower than Cutters Ridge. Reasons I didn't giv...

eagolf (2012-05-24)

Windmill Lakes (Ohio)

10/10 - Beautiful, impeccably maintained course. Tee box, fairway, & Greens in pristine condition. One of the best public courses I've ever played. ...

Teklanika (2012-05-21)

Links of Novi (Michigan)

8/10 - Great course. Challenging East front 9 has many narrow fairways. They re-did the sand bunkers this season and the sand is very soft. This course was in great shape, all new golf carts, and very nice...

mattyice (2012-05-19)

Shelby Park Golf Course (Tennessee)

0/10 - The WORST golf course in Nashville.I am ashamed to even say golf course around this place.Greens are the worst in the country.Too hilly and you never get rewarded for a good tee shot.Stay away from th...

Tbone (2012-05-19)

Monroe Golf and Country Cl (Michigan)

8/10 - ...

allenba (2012-05-10)

The Cliffs Valley Golf Cou (South Carolina)

9/10 - Pretty golf course with great views. Course is in excellent condition....

Cooper233 (2012-05-07)

Dormie Club (North Carolina)

3/10 - Coore and Crenshaw carved the Dormie out of part of the old Pinehurst Hunting Club property, about the same time that they were rennovating Pinehurst #2. It meanders through a typical Sandhills pine...

mmcginni (2012-04-29)

Pinehurst#3 (North Carolina)

8/10 - A lot of people just don't get Pinehurst #3. They look at the scorecard, they see it's length and only two sets of tees, and they head off to play one of Pinehurst's 7 other great courses. That's a ...

mmcginni (2012-04-29)

Airport Golf Course (Wyoming)

7/10 - I have played this course for 20 years. It continues to improve with all the trees and course management they have poured into it. Its still a very short course and if they ever did anything to it, it...

egadsgolf (2012-04-22)

Quail Hollow (Florida)

9/10 - Course has new owner and is in WONDERFUL condition. Has spent a lot of money on the course and equipment and it shows....

Smokedog00 (2012-04-09)

Red Rock Golf Club (South Dakota)

9/10 - this is a wonderful course with some holes that will challenge even the best of golfes. Best to review holes 3 and 4 before teeing off....

Demo User (2012-04-02)


3/10 - If had known that the course was in Ripon, CA. I would have never agreed to play it....

Ironman (2012-03-27)

country club of the south (Georgia)

8/10 - I play a "Golf Channel AmTour" event here on 3/19/2012. This is a private course in north Atlanta, in the John's Creek Area. The course was in pretty good shape. The only complaint I have is that the ...

jasondorsey (2012-03-21)

Timacuan (Florida)

6/10 - This course is an older course, just north east of Orlando, FL. The staff could not have been any more polite and helpful. I read reviews on Google that said the staff was rude, but I found that to b...

jasondorsey (2012-03-21)

Ole Miss Golf Course (Mississippi)

8/10 - This is my home golf course. It's owned and run by The University of Mississippi. You won't find a friendlier place to play. The staff keeps it looking great. The course was completely redone in the s...

DrDel (2012-03-20)

Knoll Run (Ohio)

7/10 - 1st round of the season and didn't do half bad. course was in very good shape. the greens were fast and the fairways were well groomed...

kabright1sg (2012-03-19)

Indian hills golf club (Illinois)

1/10 - This is my home course wish i could say it is a great course but i cant. Very poor management dont know anything about running a golf course,but it could be one of the best 9 hole courses in all of ...

bmiuc (2012-03-18)

Huntingdale (Victoria)

10/10 - ...

vinodkalpaka (2012-03-17)

Beerwah golf club ()

9/10 - I am member of this club and its great,the people are great as well.,.. Cheers Chris.,.....

Demo User (2012-03-16)

Hyland Hills Golf Course ( (Colorado)

10/10 - Best Municipal golf course i have ever played...

jcerrone (2012-03-15)

Odessa National (Delaware)

9/10 - Well Maintained and challenging. Just finishing Clubhouse. Excellent operation....

jimgritz (2012-03-14)



Sandbagger (2012-03-13)

Covered Bridge GC (Indiana)

5/10 - Greens were terrible (SUPER SLOW and bumpy). Course layout was average. There weren't any WOW holes, just a bunch of average everyday holes. There is some water on the course, however none of it re...

marnold (2012-03-11)

Palmetto Hall Arthur hill (South Carolina)

8/10 - Good Course! Greens were fast, but rolled very true. The course is in good shape and well maintained. it is important that you play the right tees for your game....

Cooper233 (2012-03-09)

Talons Cove (Utah)

9/10 - this is a very nice course and staff are great...

popeye (2012-03-07)

Old Barnstable Golf Course (Massachusetts)

10/10 - It isa great couses, always maintained, I have played several times and have never been disapointed. ...

salvatore (2012-03-06)

Twin Shields (Maryland)

7/10 - Nice wide open fairways for right handed golfers...

bhance (2012-03-04)

Coronado Golf Course (California)

9/10 -

Lovely course with great greens. Clubhouse is first-rate with good food.


65CooperS (2012-02-18)

Burnham Beeches ()

10/10 -

Course - Outstanding condition, challenging test to but not overly punishing

Greens - Fast, smooth and true

Facilities - Pro Shop is friendly and has a wide range of stock


bolta003 (2012-02-17)

Latona Golf Course (New Jersey)

5/10 -

ok course for a quick game of golf.


Will (2012-02-15)

Cashie Golf  (North Carolina)

8/10 -

9 hole course two different tee boxes for each 9, greens are in excellent condition and small, very reasonable.


Rockfish (2012-01-15)

Quail Ridge Golf Course (Kansas)

9/10 -

nice course   staff friendly   few water hazards


Sandbagger (2012-01-08)

Mesa Riverview (Arizona)

7/10 -

Fairways/geens good condition. Geens smoothe, somewhat fast.


ChuckP33 (2012-01-05)

Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Cou (California)

7/10 -

This course was in nice shape for being played in the winter time.  The tee boxes and fairways were a little rough but the greens were in great shape and ran pretty fast.


gerbgolf (2012-01-05)

Meadowbrook Country Club (Virginia)

8/10 -

I just recently joined this Country Club and I absolutely love it. I have played about 12 rounds there in the past month. The staff is incredible and the club amenities are great!

It is ext...

pgafan25 (2012-01-03)

noosa springs (queensland)

9/10 - ...

aseal7 (2011-12-25)

Firethorne (Nebraska)

10/10 - ...

jaybsd (2011-12-03)

Lederach Golf Club (Pennsylvania)

8/10 -

Premium public course.  Well maintained, interesting layout.  Greens are fast with significant elevation changes.  Challenging and fun to play.  Week day senior rates are reason...

HaroldM (2011-11-22)

Knoxville Municipal Golf C (Tennessee)

7/10 -

Billy Casper golf course. Has been recently taken over by Casper an can see much improvment taking place.Sould be in great shape in the next year or so.Enjoy playing it.


pretz (2011-11-15)

Reedy Meadow Golf Course (Massachusetts)

0/10 -

DON’T PLAY THERE!!!!!!!!! Poorest excuse for a golf course I’ve EVER seen, and I’m 64. First, none of the tees are marked1,2,3 ect, so you have no way of kn...

Lee Farrar (2011-11-14)

Majestic Golf Club (Florida)

8/10 -

Course is rather short and the greens are a little rough, but they plan on replacing them next summer with ultra-dwarft or a type of Championship grass.  Lots of hazards (fairway and green-sid...

larryf (2011-11-14)

Valley HI Golf Course (Colorado)

7/10 -

Very playable course. Cost reasonable. Reasonably maintained. Greens good condition, fast and sloping.


ChuckP33 (2011-11-07)

Mesa Riverview (Arizona)

7/10 -

Course in fair condition cosidering the fall schedule in place for rye grass overseeding just started. Greens look good but very slow due to overseeding and not cut to regular length; also greens s...

ChuckP33 (2011-11-03)

Eastward Ho! Country Club (Massachusetts)

10/10 -

One of the best courses you've never heard of it mostly because they want it that way. This place will test all of your game. I could play this place everyday and never get tired of it.


drhine1167 (2011-11-02)

Wildhorse Golf Club (Nebraska)

9/10 -

The course gets a 10 and the clubhouse staff gets a 1.  Bunch of grumpy bastards.


Eder (2011-10-26)

Bayside Golf Club (Nebraska)

10/10 -

Awesome course.  Front 9 is a little short, but still a challenge.  The back 9 is fantastic.  Lots of dramatic carry's.  Some blind shots on both sides, but still great.  C...

Eder (2011-10-26)

Iron Eagle (Nebraska)

8/10 -

Nice, short course with some fun holes.  Front 9 is very tight, don't need the driver.  Clubhouse staff is very friendly. 


Eder (2011-10-26)

River Oaks Golf Club (North Carolina)

8/10 -

New owner in summer of 2011. Many improvements including clearing of brush in wooded areas, new bridges, cleaning out creeks for better flow, new landscaping. Greens are very good, quick and improv...

scubarry (2011-10-13)

Fernwood Hotel  (Pennsylvania)

8/10 -

This course was a real challenge, but one that you should play. The slope on a couple of the greens is more than a challenge.



Demo User (2011-10-13)

Waterford Golf Club (South Carolina)

8/10 -

Well above average public golf course.  Great new bermuda greens withstand HOT summer heat, no ball marks!  lots of right to left (Hale Irwin design).  No homes all natural front 9, ...

bigdog (2011-09-21)

Fox Run Country Club (South Carolina)

9/10 -

Course is in great shape given the dry conditions experienced in the last couple of months.  Some greens were wet and others dry, but overall a great course that was well manicured!


bradman26 (2011-09-18)

Ciyrus Springs Golf  (Florida)

7/10 -

Coarse is in better then average condition with a lot of holes dog legs. This coarse is reminicent of North Carolina but it is in North West Central Florida. A very interesting and enjoyable coarse...

rog363 (2011-09-17)

Pebble Lake Golf Club (Minnesota)

8/10 -

A very nice track.  Fun!


tunatim (2011-09-14)

Southern Oaks G C (South Carolina)

7/10 -

Greens were extremely hard and unforgiving.  Fairways and tee boxes were in very good shape for such hot conditions we have had. First time I have played the course, but left me wanting softer...

bradman26 (2011-09-11)

Cosmo-TNGF (Tamil Nadu)

7/10 -

the course is in great shape. lots of grass, fairways well kept. greens are patchy are variable in speed. the 7th in particular in bad shape


salim thomas (2011-09-04)

Summersett Golf Club (South Carolina)

4/10 -

This course as of September 2011 is in bad condition.  Several of the greens have been lost or have dead patches in them.  I would say at least 5 greens, with one completely lost and is b...

bradman26 (2011-09-02)

Pebble Creek (Creekside) (South Carolina)

8/10 -

I found this course to be in better shape than most Greenville courses after a VERY hot summer.  Well Cared for and staff was friendly.


bradman26 (2011-08-31)

The Links at Redstone, War (Alabama)

0/10 -

The Warrior course, the newest 9 holes at Redstone, is absolutely deplorable.  If you like a cow pasture (literally) converted into a wannabe Links-style course, with nearly knee high rough ju...

swannie (2011-08-31)

Contraband Bayou Golf Club (Louisiana)

8/10 -

Very nice and well maintained course.  A bit expensive, but plays very well.


bigpapa (2011-08-26)

Whistling Straits (Wisconsin)

10/10 -

Once in a lifetime round and it did not disappoint.  Course was amazing and difficult.  Never seen so many signature holes on one course.  Could play there everyday the rest of my li...

ak35 (2011-08-26)

Pine Forest Golf Club (Texas)

8/10 -

course in great shape for the weather conditions we have had record heat and no rain.  not  much room to make mistakes, # 11 is the hole from hell, 180 yd carry to clear water no bai...

randysimon (2011-08-23)

Riverview Golf Course (Tennessee)

1/10 -

Greens were not cut & there wetre tuffs or patches of grass above green surface. Slow as hell. Paid $22.00 cash.They don't take credit cards.Probably don't report number of rounds to state. Poc...

pretz (2011-08-23)

WildHawk Golf Club (California)

7/10 -

Playing from the white tees for us senior players, Wildhawk is a very enjoyable golf course.  It has wide fairways and large greens. 


gerbgolf (2011-08-22)

Deertrak Golf Club (Wisconsin)

8/10 -

we played this course on the fourth of July so there were very little players here, and so we almost had the course for our selves. We teed off at 7AM with very humid and HOT air to greet us. I had...

Mr.Cob (2011-08-20)

Gleneagle Golf Club (Colorado)

8/10 -

Very nice course,fairly well maintained. Quite challenging but fun to play. greens were in good condition and fast. Cost reasonable.


ChuckP33 (2011-08-18)

Morgan Creek Golf  (California)

10/10 -

The course was in fantastic shape today.  The fairways were green and lush.  The greens were in excellant shape and running very fast (about a 11/12).  With the senior price, it make...

gerbgolf (2011-08-17)

Teal Bend (California)

7/10 -

Overall the course was in good shape.  However, some of the fairways were still wet from overwatering and some of the sand traps were still wet from the watering.


gerbgolf (2011-08-16)

Austion Bayou GC (18) (Texas)

8/10 -

Very well maintained 9 hole course wtih light traffic.  Fairways are costal bermuda and still green in spite of the drought conditions. 


bigpapa (2011-08-15)

Mountain Vista Golf Course (Colorado)

7/10 -

Mountain Vista Golf located just minutes North of Fort Collins off I25 is a regulation 9 hole course that opened for play in 1992. Yardage plays 5,370 from the front tee's to a long 6,988 from the ...

Mr.Cob (2011-08-14)

Bonnie Mead Links (Wisconsin)

5/10 -

The basic "cheap golf" golf course.  However, the layout is makes it challenging and fun for the average golfer.  The price allows you to go back and play again.  Greens are in Fanta...

Thomas80 (2011-08-13)

Moffett Park (California)

7/10 -

Work on the course continues.  July 2011 there are new slope and rating numbers for all tee boxes.  The slope has decreased from 126 to 120 on the blue tees and from 123 to 117 on the whi...

golfer (2011-08-06)

Turtle Creek Golf (Ontario)

10/10 -

This is by far the most professionally and empathetically staffed golf courses I have experienc...

Jacquie (2011-08-04)

Kochin ()

10/10 -



vinodkalpaka (2011-08-02)

Ancil Hoffman (California)

7/10 -

Some of the fairways and the greens were somewhat sparce. Otherwhys the course was very enjoyable.


gerbgolf (2011-08-01)

World Woods Pine Barrens (Florida)

10/10 -

Greens were playing a little soft for World Woods, but was nice for a change after all the rain. In fantastic shape asa always.


Smokedog00 (2011-07-27)

byrne golf couse (New Jersey)

10/10 -

very long. tight


giggy (2011-07-24)

Hollybrook (Florida)

9/10 -

It is great to be able to play anytime you want and free. As an owner or renter you have that privilege!

Where can you buy or rent and play free golf...

Militza (2011-07-20)

Golf Alpin ()

10/10 -

Très, mais alors là, très belle track de golf.  Excellente qualité de terrain, départs, allées, greens...  tout y était!


Sharkey (2011-07-20)