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Tall Pines Players Club (Pennsylvania)

7/10 -

Course is very scenic, lots of hills,narrow fareways,water comes into play on several holes,a possition course ,Fun to play


tile (2009-05-20)

Cape Cod National (Massachusetts)

6/10 - ...

wkreykes (2009-05-18)

The club at Old Kinderhook (Missouri)

9/10 - ...

toby (2009-05-17)

Plantation Preserve (Florida)

10/10 -

One of the best maintained courses I have played on in S. Florida. Not a single hole disappointed our group. Not one.


warchambault (2009-05-17)

Tanglewood-Reynolds Course (North Carolina)

8/10 - ...

gforstall (2009-05-14)

Longwood: Post Oak/Pine (Texas)

8/10 -



Sprad (2009-05-13)

Sherwood Forest (California)

8/10 -

This course is in really good condition. A couple of the fairways had some minor flooding. Nice scenery and beautiful greens.


Bruzee (2009-05-13)

bulle rock (Maryland)

9/10 -

nice couse, I did  a lot better this time around, well over 100, the last outting


darrell (2009-05-12)

Kimball Golf Club (Minnesota)

8/10 -

Very hilly course with some tight fairways and some blind aproach shots.  Hole 15 has and island green that you need to hit to on your second shot.  Great all around course with holes cut...

shadowcrawler (2009-05-11)

Olmos Basin Municipal Golf (Texas)

8/10 -

Great staff  fairwas greens nd tee bxes od shape with some exceptions- Only beef is the yard markers are all gone


Marksatex (2009-05-08)

Short Beach (Connecticut)

5/10 -

I guessed at the ratingslope in for the white tees as 70113 but they are not published. it won't let you leave those boxes blank when entering tees.


bls94001 (2009-05-07)

Shawnee Country Club (Oklahoma)

9/10 -

This course is outstanding.  The Clubhouse is brand new.  The course is in excellent shape.  And the layout is very challenging.


jmitchell (2009-05-06)

Lake Murray Golf Resort (Oklahoma)

8/10 -

Very, very difficult for beginners.  This course will eat your lunch if you can't hit it straight every shot!


jmitchell (2009-05-06)

Blue Ridge Trail - Ridge/B (Pennsylvania)

9/10 -

This course is one that I find myself coming back to alot. I went to college near by in Wilkes-barre and decided with a few friends my junior year to try it out. 3 years later i still go there ofte...

gioguy21 (2009-05-05)

Gem Lake Hills (Minnesota)

8/10 -

Very fun executive Par 3 course.  I seem to be able to get a tee time just about anytime I need to.  Very accomodating.  I do wish however the pro shop staff was a bit more welcoming...

Dspeed (2009-05-05)

The Buckhorn (Texas)

7/10 -

Course was in great shape.  Wide open fairways.  Greens are the hardest I have ever played.  Very difficult to get a get a shot to stick on the green and very tricky reads.  Wha...

nedbro (2009-05-04)

The Vineyard (Ohio)

9/10 -

Very Nice course, well maintained, nice bunkers , a good challenge, more so on the back nine.  Well worth the drive


Hitman (2009-05-03)

pattaya country club (chonburi)

7/10 -

A very nice design/layout with some interesting risk / reward short holes ( #6 #10 #17)

Let down a little by the condition and state of the clubhouse. Past experiences show that after a lit...

sneaky short (2009-05-01)

Lake Orlando Golf Club (Florida)

6/10 -

Good course for the price in March, when most rounds in florida cost over $50.00 this on had a good price and had a replay price of $15.00 I belive.  Only down side crowded, very crowded with ...

Hitman (2009-04-30)

Safari Golf Club (Ohio)

8/10 -

I went on vacation to Ohio In April this year.  The golf courses are sooo much more beautiful up there than in my home in FL.  I've visited this course two years in a row now.  I was...

brianandlilly (2009-04-27)

The Golf CLub at Cinco Ran (Texas)

4/10 -

Terrible condition for the cost.  The greens were awful.


Sprad (2009-04-25)

Pinehaven Country Club (New York)

9/10 -

A very tight and beautiful golf course.  It is reletively short with lots of pine trees (given the name Pinehaven).  You will have at least one shot where a tree comes into play.  Th...

kjmpcc3580 (2009-04-24)

Foxfire Resort (North Carolina)

8/10 -

Great layout, but has a trick up its sleeve or two. Pretty straight and narrow to wide open fairways. You will find medium size greens that roll pretty true.


Steveberrywv (2009-04-24)

Foxfire Resort East (North Carolina)

8/10 -

Great course layout. From wide open to tight fiarways, to small to medium greens. Course is a challenge, will use every club in your bag. The only problem is over booking and slow play. Members hav...

Steveberrywv (2009-04-23)

Steele Canyon (Ranch/Mead (California)

7/10 -

course in good shape. greens punched a few weeks ago, but roll fast and true. some blind shots that are impossible without course knowlege or a yardage book. if they have one available, buy it and ...

jwalsh (2009-04-20)

Dogwood Golf Club (Georgia)

8/10 -

A hidden gem in West Cobb county GA.  If you haven't played there in the past couple of years you have to get out there and give it a whirl.  Good times, great golf and the steff was real...

rockrn (2009-04-20)

Hunting Hills Country Club (Virginia)

8/10 -

An overall great course. Hard to walk and not the best quality greens, but short and challenging with lots of woods and hills.


Tim Y (2009-04-20)

Lake Shore (New York)

5/10 -

Fun course to play but the greens are in bad shape from the winter (2009)


Gman9mm (2009-04-19)

Prarie Green Golf Course (South Dakota)

10/10 -

Great Links style course. Open fairways, few trees, lots of good water, good sand and a shotmakers course. One of the best in the region.


ben.rinken (2009-04-19)

Hickory Hills Golf Club ()

9/10 - ...

fuzzman24 (2009-04-18)

Lake Shore Country Club (New York)

0/10 -

awful, chuck ruined the course! It used to be in good shape


MonB4V (2009-04-09)

baypointe country club (Massachusetts)

2/10 -

worst greens ever played. 2 good hole 16 bad ones


shawkennkm (2009-04-09)

Lely Flamingo Island (Florida)

9/10 -

COuld play this course everyday.  The layout is exciting and difficult, yet can be forgiving for the high handicappers.  The greens are great and the venue is awesome.  Love Lely Fla...

shakogolfer78 (2009-04-06)

The Strand (Savannah to Sa (Florida)

8/10 -

Amazing greens!  Great layout with many exciting holes.  Well worth it.  Only complaint was a few gimmicky holes on the back that you need to have local knowledge to aviod a large nu...

shakogolfer78 (2009-04-03)

Eastward Ho! Country Club (Massachusetts)

10/10 -

One of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the country.  This private course will hold its own against any of the big name courses out there.  It is relatively short from t...

patriotchamp (2009-04-02)

Martinsville Golf Club (Indiana)

9/10 -

Don't be misled by the distance. This course is a real challenge requiring acurate shot making. It's located in a hilly area and trees come into play on most holes. Most holes have either elevated ...

golfguy62 (2009-03-31)

Rocky Gap (Maryland)

8/10 -

Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort is a Jack Nicklaus deisign course and a very nice place to play.  There are a lot of scenic views of Lake Habeeb as well as plenty of wildlife that shares ...

Wade Lewis (2009-03-26)

Longwood: Pine/Palmetto (Texas)

8/10 -

Golf and two beers for $36


Sprad (2009-03-25)

Manitou Ridge Golf Course (Minnesota)

5/10 -

Very rude pro shop staff.  This continues to be an ongoing issue there.  Fun course to play however. 


Dspeed (2009-03-23)

Gray Plantation (Louisiana)

8/10 -

Not much shade, but the greens were smooth and slick.


JWS (2009-03-23)

Southern Pines Golf Club (North Carolina)

10/10 -

A Donald Ross hidden gem. Owned by the Elks Club of Southern Pines, over seen by The Avestra Group. They have made a lot of improvements over the last two years If you played this course back in 20...

Steveberrywv (2009-03-22)

Lone Tree Golf Course (Arizona)

8/10 -

Course is in decent shape for this time of the year. My only complaint is that we didn't really play it from the tips.  They had the tips push up forward quite a bit.


gdgrimes (2009-03-15)

Toka Sticks (Arizona)

7/10 -

This is course is always in good shape all year round


gdgrimes (2009-03-15)

Mansfield national (Texas)

8/10 -

The course was in good condition. The greens were a little bouncy but not bad for March in texas. In all the course is beautiful and wellk worth the money.


macdaddy1970 (2009-03-11)

Split Rock (Ohio)

4/10 -

Good practice course.  Owners are great. Needs some upkeep.


Arnie (2009-03-08)

Bayou Din Golf Club (Texas)

7/10 -

played Links/Bayou Front.  Greens in good shape for end of Feb.  Caught a cold front blowing in w/30mph winds, so score suffered, but still enjoyed the round.


stogie0692 (2009-02-28)

Pinewild  (North Carolina)

9/10 -

The Holly course at Pinewild is always a challenge to you and your bag. Gary Player made this a simple course for the average golfer, stay away from trouble. Wide fairways to med size greens. Great...

Steveberrywv (2009-02-25)

Formosa ()

8/10 -

Formosa Golf Resort has been developed as an international PGA standard, 18-hole golf course and resort facility here at Beachlands, Auckland, New Zealand
Formosa is listed in "The Finest Golf...

Mark Brookes (2009-02-16)

Longwood Golf Club (Texas)

7/10 - ...

JWS (2009-02-16)

Jersey Meadows (Texas)

7/10 -

Nice links coarse for the money.  They just redid the sand traps and they are  great.  Has a little of everything and you can always get a tee time.


WarRev (2009-02-15)

Sherwood Forest (California)

8/10 -

fun course, short , but tight. OK condition, great value and scenery.


rusty (2009-02-13)

TimberStone (Michigan)

10/10 -

This course is in my top 10.


jhundt (2009-02-07)

Longwood Golf Club (Texas)

7/10 -

Price included two draft beers, and the beer girls were frequent.


jwsprad (2009-02-07)

Flamingo Lakes (Florida)

6/10 -

Pretty enjoyable public course, short but one must pay attention or penalty shots will jump up and bit ya.  I had 5 of those suckers.  This course has some pretty cool par 3's and I do en...

Gatorbern (2009-02-06)

Millstone Golf Club (Tennessee)

8/10 - This course during the summer is one of the best around. Fast greens and a great layout make this course fun to play....

leb322 (2009-01-28)

Hermann Park Golf Course (Texas)

5/10 - Not bad if you can play for $30 bucks.  Usually crowded and slow....

jwsprad (2009-01-18)

The Bandit (Texas)

7/10 - Nice course.  Lots of elevation...

jwsprad (2009-01-18)

Memorial Park (Texas)

6/10 - ...

jwsprad (2009-01-18)

Oso Beach (Texas)

4/10 - ...

jwsprad (2009-01-18)

Woodforest Golf Club (Texas)

7/10 - ...

jwsprad (2009-01-18)

Gus Wortham Golf Course (Texas)

4/10 - ...

jwsprad (2009-01-18)

The Links (New Mexico)

7/10 - ...

jwsprad (2009-01-18)

Clear Creek Golf Course (Texas)

7/10 - ...

jwsprad (2009-01-18)

Scott Schreiner (Texas)

8/10 -

This is my home course and I cannot say anything bad about it.  It is well maintained and the staff are friendly.  Very good for a muni.  This course can challange any level of playe...

waders86 (2009-01-12)

Dead Horse Lake (Tennessee)

0/10 - terrible rainy day, course a mess,...

free816 (2009-01-11)

North Lakes Golf Course (South Australia)

5/10 - Greens are good. Lakes around along side dirrent rounds. Fairways are average. Overall I would give it a 5/10. Any other feedback on this , please upload....

luke.gask (2009-01-10)

Southwest Point (Tennessee)


free816 (2009-01-05)

N.A.S. Jacksonville (Florida)

10/10 - This is how a course should look,play run.  First class all the way.  A must play....

08Jerry (2009-01-04)

Brackenridge Park (Texas)

7/10 - Very nice renovation.  Short on clear tee box and yardage markers....

Marksatex (2008-12-27)

Willow Creek (Texas)

5/10 - Older Muni- Long but dry when i played.  A few very clever well designed holes.  Challanging enough for a duffer like me- Staff is super friendly and cooperative....

Marksatex (2008-12-24)

Holly Hills (Alabama)

8/10 - Really a fun course,  Not  long but small greens and no waiting or tee times. Hidden secret....

Coajac10 (2008-12-20)

Teal Wing Golf Club (Wisconsin)

7/10 - Toughest course I've ever played.  No rough, just fairways and trees.  If you think your good at golf this is a wake up call.  Good luck....

packerdana (2008-12-14)

Northern Bay Golf Course (Wisconsin)

10/10 - My favorite course in Wisconsin.  It's out in the middle of nowhere.  But it's a lot of fun.  Highly recommend it....

packerdana (2008-12-14)

Pinehurst No. 6 (North Carolina)

10/10 - Pinehurst #6 is a wonderful course, wide open fairways lead to huge greens. More elevation changes on this course than any other of the resort courses. If you are playing any of the resort courses , y...

Steveberrywv (2008-12-07)

Cove Cay (Florida)


Ewid (2008-12-03)

Mid-South Club (North Carolina)

10/10 - This a course you should never pass up if you get the chance to play it. A private club that lets little outside play. Only on some of the hotels preminum packages can you play here.You will find one ...

Steveberrywv (2008-12-03)

Troon North (Arizona)

10/10 -

Great views.  Challenging Par 4's throughout.  Definitely need to get off the tee and miss accordingly.

Service for price average.  Saw cart at the 13th hole.  No Lunch un...

Junior (2008-12-02)

Mariana Butte (Colorado)

10/10 -

One of best golf courses in Colorado, especially at this price.  The 16th hole from the blue tees is the most dramatic golf hole I have played in the state. Great views of the front range incl...

Hombriago (2008-12-02)

Olde Home Place (North Carolina)

9/10 - Course is always in good to great shape.  Greens are always in great shape.  Wide fairways, hard to get into troublle off the tee.  A good test of golf, you need a lot of different shot...

Wild Bill (2008-11-28)

White Stone Golf Club (Texas)

8/10 -

Whitestone was a pleasanst course to play.  It's open and straight and at the time I played, many of the creeks that lined the holes to provide added trouble were dry.

 The greens w...

gdenizard (2008-11-28)

Eaglebrooke (Florida)

8/10 - very beautiful course... will play again....

bdogexp (2008-11-24)

Angeles National (California)

8/10 - A great track just like lost canyons- tough and demanding. The single most important thing on this course is keeping the ball in play. The local rule is that if it ends up in the hazard, even if you c...

jamesnisen (2008-11-21)

Lost Canyons - Sky Course (California)

8/10 - I love the course because it is a true challenge. The hardest part is taking a tee shot penalty after hitting a drive that would be in play on any other course. If you can break 80 from the gold's her...

jamesnisen (2008-11-20)

Cypress Lakes Golf Club (Texas)

7/10 - Very well kept...

jwsprad (2008-11-08)

Longwood Post / Pine (Texas)

7/10 -

Nice.  Lots of trees.


jwsprad (2008-11-08)

Blackhorse GC - South (Texas)

8/10 - Great course, but not quite worth the price....

jwsprad (2008-11-08)

The Grove Park Inn (North Carolina)

8/10 - Very nice course.  I have always wanted to try this one out and in the fall with a discount card it comes down to 50 which I jumped at.  Very nice layout thats not that challenging for the a...

JMFrank (2008-11-07)

Tot Hill Farm (North Carolina)

10/10 - A Mike Strantz design! This course will wow you off the first tee. This course is like no other one I have ever played. Open fairways to small to very large greens. If you go and play in the fall, the...

Steveberrywv (2008-11-03)

Mt Mitchell Golf Course (North Carolina)

10/10 - What a great place to play a round of golf.  The course was in fantactic shape and the views totally surround you no matter where you turn.  The greens roll very true and the fairways are so...

JMFrank (2008-10-30)

Longwood Post / Pine (Texas)

6/10 - This is a well-kept course but I think it is a little expensive when compared to other local courses. The courses are challenging for me but I do have a high handicap.  The Marshals ...

jtrebes (2008-10-23)

creekside golf course (California)

7/10 - Today the course was really good. The greens where fast a true....

Juan M (2008-10-19)

Olde Home Place (North Carolina)

8/10 -

This is a really nice course, always seems to be in very good condition. It's usually windy, most fairways are wide, very fair course. The forward tees get a nice break and when you need a boost to...

Pinky (2008-10-18)

White Deer Run Golf CLub (Illinois)

10/10 -

Very challenging course.  A lot of sand and I found it:)  Greens were very fast.

Great track! 


Junior (2008-10-14)

Bonita Golf Club (California)

2/10 - ...

parxtime (2008-10-06)

Indian Run Golf Club (Pennsylvania)

6/10 -

Friendly staff, course was in decent shape for the time of year.  Went on a Sunday afternoon and they decided to close the front nine to irrigate the greens.  All golfers that went out af...

Pin Seeker (2008-09-29)

Coyote Crossing (Indiana)

10/10 - Best course in the area.  Challenging, yet affordable.  ...

dexh0003 (2008-09-27)

Orchard Valley (Illinois)

10/10 - Greens were in immaculate shape.  Great value for the money.  Outstanding service and a beautiful layout.  I wish I would have struck the ball more squarely........

Junior (2008-09-26)

Reserve at Spanos Park (California)

7/10 - Great course.  Greens could be better.  Rate was with american golf coupon....

DOUG (2008-09-24)

Scenic Valley Golf Club (Pennsylvania)

8/10 - Very nice course for the price.  Greens can be inconsistant (mostly due to unfixed ball marks) and the fairways were in good shape for this time of the year.  Some areas of the rough were dr...

Pin Seeker (2008-09-23)

Village Green (Pennsylvania)

7/10 - Nice course, shorter than most with a few drivable par 4's but not a lot of thought went into the design of this course, could have more challenging holes.  Mostly straight or slight dog leg left...

Pin Seeker (2008-09-23)

Cotton Fields (Georgia)

7/10 - The fairways and tee boxes were in excellent shape with well defined first cut and tricky deep rough. The course is short, just over 6K yds with wide fairways so if you hit a big driver...

Demo User (2008-09-19)

Lynnwood Golf Course (Washington)

7/10 - Short, but easy to be in trouble. Water, well bunkered. Easy walking course. Kept in good shape. I've been told it drains well so should be good even in rainy season. Very pretty with lots of tall tre...

davidrensvold (2008-09-18)

Manitou Ridge Golf Course (Minnesota)

5/10 - Nice course.  Rude staff at the pro shop.  Probably the last time I golf here.  Expensive for a public course....

Dspeed (2008-09-15)

The Preserve at Jordan Lak (North Carolina)

7/10 - This is a very difficult course from any tee. Lots of natural areas that you can't go into so it's important to stay in the fairway and to know your exact yardages. Sprinkler heads were not always vis...

Pinky (2008-09-14)

Copper Creek Golf Club (Colorado)

8/10 - This is a great course with an amazing view.  A little pricy, but I ended up paying about $60 because we played after 3 p.m.  I'd say it is a good value...great course with incredible view. ...

thegoodfight (2008-09-03)

Club at Longleaf (North Carolina)

7/10 - the Club at Longleaf are two differnet golf courses, the front nine is link style as the back nine is more American with heavily tree line. Wide fairways and large greens make this a playing special....

Steveberrywv (2008-09-03)

Collins Hill Golf Course (Georgia)

6/10 - This is a nice local course.  The greens are in great shape.  Two of the fairways are in rough shape because of too much water.  Clubhouse staff is nice....

peamador (2008-08-29)

Hillcrest (Florida)

6/10 - Greens 10.3- 18 hole has an island green-short hole-pretty good layout...

Gatorbern (2008-08-27)

Lerma Golf Club, Burgos ()

7/10 - This is a very tidy course in a beautiful peaceful setting in the Province of Burgos in the north of Spain. The fairways are reasonably generous but accurate shotmaking is required to obtain par or be...

Profe Peter (2008-08-27)

Rarity Pointe (Tennessee)

8/10 -


   Brand new course,opened in 07.Development for new homes and club membership.As of now not private ,even though all advertising claims to be private.Just call and ask for T...

pretz (2008-08-26)

White Pines (Illinois)

8/10 - Very nice course... challenging holes but not TOO challenging.  Good Senior rate during the week of $35 including driving cart.  Well maintained... beautiful with many flowers.  Recomme...

JJChicago (2008-08-25)

Twin Warriors (New Mexico)

8/10 - Course is in great shape.  The greens were running a little slow, but true.  Fairways were in good shape....

eb0328 (2008-08-24)

pinehurst no. 8 (North Carolina)

10/10 - Great course and great conditions. Is the hardest of all 8 courses at the resort to get on. Wide fairways to really tight in some places. Med. to large greens that role pretty true. If you ever get a ...

Steveberrywv (2008-08-24)

Traditions Golf Club (Kentucky)

10/10 - Simply put, a wonderful day of golf! Although the course is very challenging, its a complete experiance of golf. Not a house on the course! Just nature at its best, lots of wildlife and a great golf c...

jcruse21 (2008-08-20)

Forest Park Golf Course (New York)

0/10 - I actually made a mistake on the first review. I didn't mention that tee boxes are NOT trimmed at all when they do have grass. and the staff is RUDE BEYOND BELIEF. NEVER WILL PLAY THERE AGAIN. Will ad...

Borya (2008-08-18)

Mill Creek Golf Course- No (Ohio)

7/10 -

A very nice public course. A reasonable price . There is no driving range though.


kabright1sg (2008-08-16)

Legacy Golf Links (North Carolina)

9/10 - Legacy At Pinehurst is a true gem. Great conditions andvery beautiful layout. In my opinion, with the putting into Legacy lakes and housing and condo development is a mistake. The wide open fairways a...

Steveberrywv (2008-08-15)

Talamore (North Carolina)

10/10 - WOW!!!! Right off the start, this course grabs your attention with a lon par 5. One thing about this course is to know the fairways. These fairways have plateaus and if you look down the fairway, whic...

Steveberrywv (2008-08-15)

Kilkarney Hills Golf Club (Wisconsin)

8/10 - Fun course to play.  Tight fairways with interesting and unexpected hazards.  OK clubhouse.  ...

Dspeed (2008-08-14)

Bay Club East Course (Maryland)

8/10 - $20.00 Twilight Round right now.  Can't beat it anywhere.  The West course just got airated so only the East course is open.  Course in great shape.  Greens are in great shape....

PingMan (2008-08-14)

Highland Springs Golf Cou (West Virginia)

4/10 - $29 for 18 and a cart is a great price but you get what you pay for.  No irrigation system, fairways very dry and dying.  There are no sand traps or rough with only two holes containing wate...

Pin Seeker (2008-08-11)

Greystone GC (Michigan)

10/10 - One of the best courses I have played.  The best in lower east michigan....

Colussi (2008-08-10)

Holdiay Shores (Michigan)

7/10 - Nice and challenging course for all levels. Well maintained ...

Csims1956 (2008-08-10)

California Oaks Golf Cours (California)

8/10 - This course is a gem hidden within a senior community.  The course is not very busy which makes for a stable and competitive round of golf.  The course is well maintained.  The tee boxe...

petersdl (2008-08-08)

Laurel Valley (Tennessee)

8/10 -    Very senic course , high mountian woods all around. But don"t let the short yardage fool you. Some hard up hill greens come into play on second shots on par ...

pretz (2008-08-07)

Salt Fork State Park Golf  (Ohio)

8/10 - I live in South Florida where there are tons of cheap golf courses in the summer months and I go to SE Ohio every summer to play this jewel.  It cost only $35 on weekends and $27 on weekdays...

Gatorbern (2008-08-02)

Larrimac golf club ()

8/10 - great course. very fun to play. good course to retune your game.... (2008-08-01)

creekside golf course (California)

10/10 -

Great course!!!   Greens are always kept fast and in great shape. Lots of trees to stay clear of.


RAUL O (2008-08-01)

creekside golf course (California)

7/10 -



DOUG (2008-08-01)

creekside golf course (California)

8/10 - Tough course for me. Really makes you think about your club selection. Fast greens with good slope make for some tense putts, even the close ones. Beautiful course, nice layout....

TRAVIS (2008-08-01)

Blackhawk Golf Club (Ohio)

10/10 -

My new favorite golf course!!!...

xjordan159x (2008-07-31)

Pinewild  (North Carolina)

10/10 - Played the Holly course at Pinewild Country Club. Course conditions were great, nice wide fairways and medium size green. Great to play, if you get a chance, is usually a course that you can play with...

Steveberrywv (2008-07-30)

Town of Colonie Golf Cours (New York)

8/10 -


There are 4 Nine hole courses to play all are in great condition,the courses entered are the White and the Blue


tile (2008-07-29)

Tennessee Centennial Golf  (Tennessee)

9/10 -


   A Billy Casper course , A lot of target shots.Tight and narrow on most fairways.Rolling hills create a lot of blind shots.Not recommended if it rained the day befo...

pretz (2008-07-29)

Springbrook Golf Course (Illinois)

8/10 -    Very nice course. Kentucky Blue grass fairways. Bent grass greens and a relatively flat course.Played it a few times and  have a old buddy that is now a ranger there, after reti...

pretz (2008-07-29)

Forest Park Golf Course (New York)

2/10 - Beautiful course with big, big problems. Course design is very nice, hilly, tight fairways, which require a lot of shots to lay up rather than going for it. However it is all ruined by some facts whic...

Borya (2008-07-28)

Dyker Beach Golf Course (New York)

5/10 -

The course is in fantastic shape, but when you have a tee time for 9:37 and don't get off until 10:00 you start off the day on the wrong foot.  Then you end up playing a six hour round and it ...

Plus32 (2008-07-24)

St. Mike\'s Golf Course (Ohio)

6/10 - Only complaint I have is that they have no sand traps. There are "want to be" sand traps that are almost worse to hit out of then hitting out of a sand trap. Other than that the course was i...

PJ (2008-07-23)

Willaiam S. Rea Golf Cours (Indiana)

5/10 -

This is a city course and it gets mobbed. Expect slow play everytime. With that being said it is one of the best maintained courses around. With as much traffic it gets its always in great shape. Stillhacken (2008-07-21)

Sylvan Glen Golf Course (Michigan)

4/10 - The course itself was all-right, but the staff was hard to work with! To pricey, to deal with the hassle....

Colussi (2008-07-20)

Hadley Acres Golf Country (Michigan)

6/10 -

I like the lay out of the back nine, front nine was boring.


Colussi (2008-07-20)

Highland Golf Course (Washington)

7/10 - The cost is for two with a cart.  The course is a very good one, with the challenge being primarily elevation changes, undulations in the fairways and trees around the perimeter of most holes.&nb...

Surfman98 (2008-07-19)

Lake Orlando Golf Club (Florida)

5/10 -

The course is narrow with Findable water on 17 of the 18 holes.


bluntman316 (2008-07-14)

Veterans Golf Course (Wisconsin)

8/10 - For a Veterans Affairs Golf course, and with or no funding, this course is in great shape. I have played on some championship courses that weren't is as good a shape as this one. Yes, it had some wate...

kabright1sg (2008-07-13)

eagle creek (Oregon)

5/10 - Very econmical course. greens ok fairways a little dry and hard. lots of roll in summer....

robygolfer (2008-07-13)

Bloomingdale Golfers Club (Florida)

9/10 - This course is a great test for any golfers. I played for the tips and was over 7,200 hundred yards and was very narrow. You had to shape your ball both ways in order to make par on this course. If yo...

ErikTaylor (2008-07-12)

Sedgefield CC (North Carolina)

8/10 - Well, this is my home course so I'm biased. However, for those that like classic style golf courses, this is as good as it gets. Sedgefield is a newly restored Donald Ross gem in Greensboro, NC and ho...

deuce01 (2008-07-07)

East Orange Golf Course (New Jersey)

9/10 -

The course was in great shape, the fairways were beautiful no barron spots.  Grass covered all of the fairways.  The greens were in good shape but were slow, that may have been do to the ...

Plus32 (2008-07-06)

Rock Island Arsenal Golf C (Illinois)

9/10 - Had slight water damage on 2 holes due to so much rain and the Missipi River rising big time. The course will make you hit really precise shots of the tee box. Tough Greens....

tparker1069 (2008-07-03)

Napoleon Municipal Golf Co (Ohio)

7/10 - I enjoyed this golf course thoroughly. It has only 9 holes which is the one bad comment I have about it. For an area that is generally very flat along with most other golf courses around the area, Nap...

PJ (2008-07-02)

Lake Chelan Golf Course (Washington)

7/10 -

Fun public course.  Wide open on front nine.  Back nine has great views, cliffs and tougher holes then the front nine.  Been playing here for 20+ tears as we visit the area.  Fu...

sbabbitt (2008-07-02)

Shawnee Hills (Ohio)

8/10 -

Shawnee is an excellent metroparks course.  From the white tees, the distance is just right for high handicappers.  The greens are true and challenging but manageable.  The first thr...

markbarnes19 (2008-06-30)

Sunland Golf  (Washington)

8/10 - Beautifully manicured course with sloping greens, not terribly fast.  In a retirement community, an easy course to walk, although there are some elevation changes, but tee boxes are not far from ...

CJ (2008-06-27)

Lester Park (Front, Back) (Minnesota)

6/10 - Solid Course all around. Not long enough. Excellent greens. Some Rough Spots....

lil.klongie4 (2008-06-25)

Burke Lake (Virginia)

5/10 -

My second time golfing and enjoyed the course.  All par 3's which makes it great for a beginner like myself, or for a more experienced player working on their short game.

 There are...

dcpirahna (2008-06-22)

Ginoza Country Club (Okinawa)

8/10 -

First time playing GCC, and I liked it very much.  Reasonably priced, friendly and nice customer service, and entire course was neatly and well maintained.  The cart is equipped with...

LuvOki (2008-06-18)

Murphy Creek Golf Course (Colorado)

10/10 - Great course! The other guy was most likely in the weeds all day and is upset. The practice facility is one of the best in the Denver Metro area. The course is very difficult and long. When the wind b...

Best701982 (2008-06-18)

Buenaventura Golf Course (California)

8/10 - Great course overall...  The entire course plays a lot shorter than standard courses but is very nicely laid out.  The rough is exactly that, "Rough!"  The grass maintained mo...

canonshooter20 (2008-06-18)

Lakeshore (North Carolina)

6/10 - Twilight Rate of $14.  Course is nice, great for the price.  Rather short, didnt really need driver on but a few holes, a long iron or hybrid were typically more than enough....

dchou7 (2008-06-18)

Woodmont Country Club(cypr (Florida)

7/10 - This course has the fastest greens of any public golf course in Broward County.  The greens are fairly big with undulations.  Lots of fun if you can putt. ...

Gatorbern (2008-06-14)

Legacy Golf Links (North Carolina)

10/10 - Golf Digest rates Legacy as a 4 and a half star course and it owns up to it. Wide open fairways and big and fast greens that will test your aim and speed of your putt. When ever in the Pinehurst- Sand...

Steveberrywv (2008-06-12)

Westwinds Golf Course (California)

2/10 - The course is extremely wet. The golf carts leave ruts in the fairway/rough and if your ball finds that spot it is very depressing to play it from there. The greens are small. The rough is very high a...

Duffer311 (2008-06-09)

The Rock at Jocassee (South Carolina)

6/10 - Heard this was a nice course to play and it was ok.  The staff was very friendly at the clubhouse and the rangers did a great job of helping new ones to the course as far as things like hole layo...

JMFrank (2008-05-31)

Crooked Creek (North Carolina)

5/10 - Not a fantastic course but you get what you pay for.  The staff is on the stiff side if your not a member.  Members on the course can also be stiff, lack of good golf etiquette.  The gr...

JMFrank (2008-05-26)

chatham seaside links golf (Massachusetts)

5/10 -

The Chatham SeaSide Links offers 9 holes of exhilarating golf with breathtaking views.  With seven par 4's and two par 3's, this links course provides a challenge for skilled golfers...

patriotchamp (2008-05-22)

The Links at Redstone, Mea (Alabama)

8/10 - Grass is coming in slowly, still a few weeds and bare spots. But overall still a great value. Should be in great shape in a couple of weeks. ...

jw (2008-05-20)

Ironwood Golf Club (Ohio)

7/10 - Course was in good condition. Greens had a good speed to them....

PJ (2008-05-19)

Stone Tree (California)

8/10 - Greens were airated but aside from that, it's a very nice course. A decent amount of carries, and doglegs. Water not really a factor. Semi-narrow fairways. Nice clubhouse, staff and amenities....

nomij9 (2008-05-17)

Maple Hill Golf Club (New York)

7/10 - Course is always in exellent condition,Very fast Greens,Great to play in the Fall ,they remove the Leafs. Nice Club House....

tile (2008-05-15)

Genegantslet Golf Club (New York)

6/10 - Course in great shape, Greens are fast and in great condition,But Course needs course management. Needs a starter at the first and tenth hole ,people cutting in all over the place,...

tile (2008-05-13)

Dyker Beach Golf Course (New York)

8/10 - Expensive as usual. However it is in amazing condition, not only for a public course but for any course. Greens are as good as always for this time of the year. Course could use a bit more trees to ma...

Borya (2008-05-12)

Connestee Falls (North Carolina)

8/10 - Great course for the money even though this is the last week of winter rates. The fairway grass was a bit tall for my taste and the rough for me was very tough to hit any distance out of. I found th...

JMFrank (2008-05-10)

Highland Lake Golf Club ()

6/10 - Simple 9 hole course. The golf is cheap and fun and the staff is very friendly. Play it twice and get your second 9 for 15 dollars....

JMFrank (2008-05-10)

Makalei Golf Club (Hawaii)

9/10 - Gorgeous, incredible views, beautiful flowers. I will play there again any time I'm on the Big Island....

mruseless (2008-05-06)

Comanche Trail Golf Course (Texas)

8/10 - Great course just redone. New holes are good and greens are much bigger....

Prolaura (2008-05-04)

Hidden Valley Golf Course (Ohio)

7/10 - It is a good course to practice your short game....

xjordan159x (2008-04-28)

Little Mountain Country Cl (Ohio)

9/10 - 5 Star Gold Digest Course...Huge Sand bunkers...driving range not open in April...

jennkevking (2008-04-26)

Cherokee Valley (South Carolina)

10/10 - Just a fantastic place to play. Driving range and a 5 dollar lunch is included in your green fee. Course layout may not be extremely challenging but the greens have made me scratch my head several t...

JMFrank (2008-04-26)

Cummings Cove (North Carolina)

7/10 - Great course with wonderful mountain views. It takes the course sometime in the spring to come to life. Early tee times are subject to valley fog. Very important to drive down the center due to sev...

JMFrank (2008-04-26)

Pine Creek Golf Club (Mississippi)

7/10 - Not a bad course, with some interesting elevation changes and blind tee shots. Greens were in quite bad (bare) shape considering the time I was playing -- but interesting to play to, as most slope aw...

emueller (2008-04-20)

Harbour Town Golf Links (South Carolina)

10/10 - Played here March 1, 2008. Absolutely the nicest course I have ever played. Being new to golf, I didn't know the history of this course. After playing it, I appreciated the whole thing. If you can pla...

JMMarich (2008-04-17)

Green Knoll (New Jersey)

7/10 - A very nice course. Public. Only played it once. $20 twighlight fee, $40 otherwise. Pretty scenery. Nice open feel. ...

buenavista (2008-04-16)

Wildhorse Golf Course (Nevada)

7/10 - Nice Course, Lots of good scenery. Needs work though. Lots of sand on greens....

kabright1sg (2008-04-10)

Highlands Golf Course (Arkansas)

2/10 - course was so wet, soggy, puddles of water that it should not have been open for play...

JR2338 (2008-04-09)

Ironhorse Golf Club (Illinois)

9/10 - beautiful layout, a links style that looks great in central Illinois...

Illinifn (2008-04-07)

Palm Aire Palms (Florida)

4/10 - Slow crapy greens, lots of hidden h2o, lots of wind, lots of ob, took over 5 hours to play, not a good value....

Gatorbern (2008-04-05)


7/10 - Short but very interesting course. The windy day could be very difficult to play. Lot of water on the course....

Mas Watanabe (2008-03-30)

Beacon Lakes (Texas)

8/10 - The tee boxes are in great condition, fairways are firm and fast. Greens are not in great condition and might add a few strokes due to odd hops. For the price this is a good course. Also, they have...

charlie224 (2008-03-27)

Timber Creek Pines/Trails (Texas)

9/10 - I love this course. Great bar and grill. Okay back to the course. It looks short but play is very technical. This course winds through thick pine trees with challenging creek/water carries. Tees,...

charlie224 (2008-03-27)

Indian Hills Golf Club (Tennessee)

5/10 - it is a nice course to play, not to hard but it does have some difficult shots to make around water and sand. If you are a good player you will have no problem but watch out, it could surprise you. ...

Jeff (2008-03-24)

Grandview (Arizona)

8/10 - This is a hard course but fair if your hitting the ball in the fairway ...

coolmot4 (2008-03-17)

Park Ridge (Florida)

10/10 - I play lots of golf all over South Florida and in my opinion this is the most fun public championship golf course to play in all of the state of Florida. It was built on a land fill making for lots of...

Gatorbern (2008-03-16)

Desert Trails  (Arizona)

7/10 - This is a very fine and well maintained Executive course ...

coolmot4 (2008-03-16)

The Woodlands (Virginia)

7/10 - Hampton best kept golf course for as much traffic they get. It give you water shot, wood shots, and links shots....

blackcat (2008-03-15)

Hulman Links (Indiana)

7/10 - This is a very well maintained golf course. It is also a difficult course as noted by its slope rating. This course has water , woods ,and bunkering on every hole.The greens are great to putt on. Not...

Stillhacken (2008-03-13)

Murphy Creek Golf Course (Colorado)

3/10 - terrable staff, course marshalls will drive you crazy as they drive up on you every other hole telling you to play faster even if no one is behind you waiting. extreamly rude staff. not friendly....

johnnyqwest (2008-03-11)

Silver Spruce Golf Course (Colorado)


golfnut#1 (2008-03-06)

Pine Bayou Golf Course (Mississippi)

8/10 - Pretty nice course. Fairways were in good shape and most of the greens were well tended. The only minor problem is a few signs would be nice at a few junctions -- I jumped from #5 to #17 not rea...

emueller (2008-03-02)

Meadowlark Golf Club (California)

6/10 - I've played there on a weekday and on a weekend. Both times it was disgustingly slow...especially, on the weekend. Overall, it's a decent course, but I don't know if I will go back due to the slow pac...

Sideshow Mel (2008-03-01)

Fraserview Golf Course (Briitish Columbia)

7/10 - Being one of the driest courses in the lower mainland, Fraserview is one of the busiest courses in Canada in terms of rounds played per year. It is also good for your ego as long as you drive the ball...

Stryderr (2008-02-25)

Links at Spanish Bay (California)

10/10 - Amazing shape, amazing views, beautiful course and golfed behind Dan Marino!...

lucky276 (2008-02-15)

Marvel Golf Club (Kentucky)

8/10 - Good course with lots of sand, some water hazards. Greens in great condition. Cart paths are sometimes like a goat path, but the course is well worth the money....

kcarter101 (2008-02-12)

Birmingham Pointe Golf Clu (Kentucky)

8/10 - Excellent course - a couple of greens a bit rough around the edges....

kcarter101 (2008-02-12)

La Dehesa (Madrid)

7/10 - This is a good test of golf particularly from the back (white) tees. You will need to use all the clubs in the bag. The rough is not too severe allowing recovery for the slightly wayward shot but iron...

Profe Peter (2008-02-09)

Shadow Ridge Golf Club (Mississippi)

8/10 - Played during Mississippi's late winter months, so the course was a bit dry, and the greens hard and fast. Still, a nice layout and a good course. Great military discount from the $31 weekend rate!...

emueller (2008-02-09)

Bonalba (Alicante)

6/10 - A well designed course. Each hole has its own personality. The greens have some subtle slopes and this combined with the grainy texture of the grass makes judgement of line an dpace extremely dificult...

Profe Peter (2008-02-04)

Las Lomas Bosque ()

9/10 - Gran campo con dos vueltas completamente diferentes. La primera estrecha rodeada de árboles y la segunda muy larga. Tiene los mejores greenes de Madrid....

Ram (2008-01-31)

Forest Oaks Country Club (North Carolina)

10/10 - Great course. Wide open fairways and huge greens that have many elephants burried under them. This is a private course and must be playing with a member to play here. This course will challenge every ...

Steveberrywv (2008-01-14)

divine nine (Nevada)

4/10 - local golf league...

turner1597 (2008-01-09)

The Pit (North Carolina)

9/10 - The Pit is a unique golf course. You won't find one like this anywhere. From tight fairways to wide open landing spots, this course will test your ball flight and accuracy. Medium size greens that are...

Steveberrywv (2008-01-03)

Patrick Farms (Mississippi)

8/10 - Love this course. Great lay out. It has the only GPS in the golf carts in the area....

bm1999 (2008-01-03)

Oakmont Golf Club, West Co (California)

7/10 - Course is in excellent condition, very close to private course condition for a public course. Greens are top notch. Sad was horrible, more water and mud than sand. Only downside....

CFPgolfer (2007-12-23)

Foxtail-North Course (California)

5/10 - Just aerated 2 months ago, but greens are still rather bumpy. North Course for 20+ years has been considered the "upscale" of the two Foxtail courses. It is still better, since South fairways are in...

CFPgolfer (2007-12-23)

Skagit Golf  (Washington)

7/10 - Very fair. Small greens which can be fast at times. Front nine is in the trees. Back nine more open. Private. Good course....

sbabbitt (2007-12-12)

Willow Creek Golf Club (South Carolina)

9/10 - course is in great shape, all fairways have been overseeded with rye looks great and plays well...

william (2007-12-10)

Sunrise Country club (Florida)

6/10 - I like the greens. It is a pretty easy layout. ...

Gatorbern (2007-12-04)

Jack Nicklaus Tournament (California)

7/10 - Excellent for average golfer. Well maintained, good visuals.Has some of Jack's "mickey mouse" features....

Bill (2007-11-29)

Park Ridge (Florida)

8/10 - This course is a Florida treat. It was built on a land fill so we actually get some pretty cool elevation changes to play and admire. A South Florida must play....

Gatorbern (2007-11-27)

RTJ, Shoals, Fighting Joe (Alabama)

9/10 - Great value with a trail card. This is the third Robert Trent Jones Course I've played. It ranks right up there with Hampton Cove and Oxmore Valley. You really need to be accurate off the tee here, ta...

jw (2007-11-27)

Silver Rock (California)

9/10 - Must play course in Palm Springs. Open to public. Course is always in excellent shape. Extremely affordable. Home of the 2008 Bob Hope Classic. Fee includes cart. Well staff & marshalled.....mus...

sbabbitt (2007-11-26)

Ponta Creek (Mississippi)

7/10 - Ponta Creek is a nice course onboard NAS Meridian. This course is in MUCH better shape than when I was a student here in 1990. Not overly difficult or technical, but a good value. Lots of trees, ...

emueller (2007-11-25)

Rolling Hills Country Club (Kentucky)

9/10 - Keeping the ball in play is a must. Most of the greens are great shape. ...

poppyd (2007-11-25)

Santee Cooper (South Carolina)

6/10 - Played Cooper on trip to South Carolina. Had played before in 2011. I would play other courses in the area until late April. No over seeding left fairways brown compared to others in the area. Gree...

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