Open Your Stance When Your Putting Goes Awry

March 24th, 2010 by sunjiangyao2010

Putting touch can come and go. In other articles I have addressed some possible on the course corrections for when your touch is off on any given day. But what about when your distance is pretty good, but you can’t seem to get the ball started on the right line?

Chances are if you are missing your line consistently one way or the other you are simply misaligned. You can try to make a small adjustment to correct your alignment, but this is very difficult to do on the course.

If you are missing your line on both sides, it is a signof Read more…


Lets talk belly putters….

March 2nd, 2010 by Adam Deatherage

I recently made a switch from traditional to belly, and so far have loved the results. My stance was out of whack, wrists too involved, and I obviously had trouble making putts. It occured to me that solving many recreational golfers problems with a belly putter seems like an easy solution. Or as Hank Haney described,

“In a normal putting stroke, both ends of the putter can move off line. By anchoring the butt of the club in your stomach with a belly putter, you guarantee that only one end of the club is moving. That makes for a much steadier stroke,especially Read more…