Disc Golf Tracking Site

October 11th, 2017 by jw

I was recently asked if this site could be used to track Disc Golf as well as regular golf. My answer was not really, however I did agree to clone this site and create a brand new Disc Golf Tracking site called trackdiscgolf.com! It’s essentially the same except setup exclusively for Disc Golfers.  So, if you play disc golf and want to use a site like this one, go check it out here…






Facebook Page

April 12th, 2016 by jw

I finally got around to creating a facebook page for this site. Please help me get some likes!



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My Thoughts On Praticing Putting

December 19th, 2009 by jmiller065

The area where a single digit like myself can improve the most is in short game and putting… this blog is about how i have come up with making a boring activity like practice putting meaningful and add a little pressure that you will have when your on the course and you have one attempt at a putt… just figured i would talk about my mentality when i putt and practice my putting. I rarely have more then 30 putts a round… typically i run around 26-29… my highest lately was 32 putts…

first off I have a pre-putt routine that iuse, Read more…


Becoming Scratch Or Bettor

December 8th, 2009 by jmiller065

I’m currently a 3 handicap and playing mediocre in my opinion.

Some rounds I go low and play great, for example i shoot a 34 on a par 36 (only played the front 9 of the course). The course wasn’t extremely tough, but it’s not simple either. I went and played 18 holes at a harder course over the weekend and shoot an 80. I couldn’t putt worth a crap. 34 total putts later it was a mess.

Anyways, I have been thinking about getting bettor and how to accomplish that. First off I want to say that i work 40 hours aweek Read more…


Summer Golf. It's HELL out there!

July 19th, 2009 by pop g

Summer has arrived with a vengeance with temperatures in the upper 90’s having a huge impact on golf hackers like myself. First, there is the obvious, HEAT! It’ll sap your energy affecting your strength on drives and your concentration on putts. But there are positives & negatives to the summer heat. Let’s start with the positives, the Fairways! The water deprived fairways are hard as a rock. Drives stir up dust on impact and roll for miles. Ok, maybe not miles but at least another 20 yards. Very good for a hacker like myself. Even the sand is hard making iteasy Read more…


New Book, 'Ultimate Golf Techniques'

May 5th, 2009 by bucky1957

I got this book last weekend, it is essentially 150 pages covering the golf swing. It describes every step in detail, including the way the swing should feel and what to visualize. I got it because it showed how to ‘work the ball’. I figured that if I could learn how to hit a fade or a draw, I could understand why I hit a hook and slice and stop those types of shots. I have yet to go to range to try the techniques outlined in the book. We’ll see if it helps or justmesses Read more…


Tiger's Intimidation Factor

April 17th, 2009 by Wade Lewis

On Wednesday before the Masters, my fiance asked me, “Why does it always seem like Tiger comes from behind to win tournaments?”. I simply told her, intimidation. Michael Jordan once said that he never tries to force things, he let’s the game come to him and if your patient, it will happen. Tiger Woods is the same way, he sort of eases his way into a lead. When Tiger Woods is playing behind you both physically and on the leaderboard, the field always has to keep in the back of their minds, “Where’s Tiger”. They becomeintimidated, Read more…